Monday, August 22, 2011

I am guilty

dear Blog & dear Readers

I am guilty. Guilty of neglecting you both.

There is a lot I want to write and say. Earlier I would right away come to this space and express myself. Now, thoughts and feelings get an immediate outlet on Facebook and Twitter.

But while I love these mediums, there is nothing as satisfying for a writer as putting together a thoughtful, well-researched blogpost.

I promise to rededicate myself to such writing, at least once a week.

Hope you all continue reading and sharing your feedback!

And now, for some news & announcements:

1) My book 'Connect the Dots' has been nominated for the Vodafone Crossword Book awards in the 'Popular' category. if you liked it, you can vote for it using this link:

2) I invite you to connect wih me on Facebook at www.facebookcom/rashmibansal. That way you will get regular updates of all events I am doing.

The next one coming up is the reading from 'I have a dream' at Reliance Time Out, Korum Mall, Thane (W) on Wed Aug 24 @ 630 pm

3) Lastly, this blog template is really very old and outdated. Somehow I find it familiar and comforting but realize it's time to change and upgrade. So I'm looking for one of you (maybe a student web designer/ small start up) to take on the challenge.

Email me as always at rashmi_b at with brief cv and 3 things you think need to be done right away @ Youthcurry and we will take it forward.

And remember, while this is a paid project I am looking for people who want to do it more out of passion than for money alone.

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