Friday, September 03, 2010

Experience the Joy of Giving - again

Last year more than 100 colleges across the country came together to hold a Joyfest on campus. A nationwide student initiative, which is part of the Joy of Giving Week from Sep 26-Oct 2.

Once again we invite colleges across India to give of themselves. Donate blood, or clothes & stationery. Organise a lunch for street children. Sing and dance with people who are just like you, only less fortunate.

To know more about holding Joyfest on your campus logon to or email info at

This initiative is supported by JAM magazine.. But, it does not 'belong' to anyone. It is yours, it is mine, it is everybody's!

Joy of Giving Week is meant to sensitise us all to the need to give. In giving, we get infinitely more than we imagine. The hope is that this one week will make us want to give more - of our time, our money and our attention - all through the year.

And in doing so, bring joy to ourselves and others around us. The time to start, is today!



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