Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Career question of the week

Q: I am a software engineer working in a product based company in Bangalore for the last 3 years. I want to go for higher studies (M-Tech) but at the same time i cant leave my job. So can you please suggest me some reputed institutes where i can pursue my M-Tech as a part time or by correspondence. My problem is that i need reputed institutes only because i have done my B-Tech with a private engg. college in U.P. and now i want a tag.

Also please tell me the value of that M-Tech in the market. I know i am asking for too much but please suggest. i am confused.

Dear Confused - the best (and only distance learning MTech) I know of and can recommend to you is BITS Pilani. However from what I gather you need the consent and support of your organisation, including a Mentor at your workplace.

Can anyone who's completed this program provide more details? Also info about any other such 'part time MTechs' which have value in the job market.

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  1. This is assuming you are in talking about M.Tech in CSE/IT.
    I'm not sure if part-time M.Tech will be of any benefit. A full-time M.Tech from IIT/BITS on the other hand will open up 2 opportunities:
    - A job in a reputed company that might otherwise filter out your resume. (This one can be also done by finding contacts and preparing well)
    - A career as a Professor if you develop enough interest and go on to pursue PhD.

    Obviously this my personal opinion. Others might think differently.

  2. i doubt if part time Mtech from BITS would be of any help given the condition of on campus students...since the guy is well 3 years into job i doubt MTech from anywhere else than iits would give him a career boost.

  3. Few reasons, an M Tech(sponsored or otherwise) would not be recommended to the case in question,

    3-years is already to late, unless you end up at IIT-K or IIT-B (I have no idea of others and wouldn't recommend IIT-R)

    Where do you want to go further from a product company, If he is unhappy with work, he should try a job hop, or a responsibility hop.

    Rest, I agree with Chirag's 2 points
    I am assuming CSE/IT here.

  4. I remember a friend of mine , doing a Masters program at IIT Chennai and working at the same time.

    Though I am not sure of arrangement , it is possible.

  5. A sponsored M.Tech. is an option. However, the company has to give its consent to pursue education. But the company may pay a reduced salary for the time taken off for study.

    And you cannot switch companies as your sponsoring company might ask you to sign a bond.

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  7. if u r nearby IISc then go for that
    or do part-time mtech r phd frm IIIT

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  9. @Anurag
    That's exactly what's called Comparing Oranges to Mangoes.

    Nevertheless, "Part time" MTech/MS from any university in India will not end up being as reputed as a "Full time" MTech/MS degree. The course structure is comparatively relaxed and at a much slower pace. However, in the end you will get a BITS Pilani degree and that does matter a lot in the Indian industry.

    If you really wish to invest time and effort, then go for a full time degree (since you haven't mentioned the reasons why you can't leave the job). I've known people with part time MS from BITS going up high in the hierarchy (For example the HOD of CS department at COEP, Pune), but I've known MANY MANY more of the "full-time" students higher up.

    The sad truth is that:

    a) Since the admission criteria for the distance learning program is not that tough, the final products are also not valued so much. Pardon me for saying this, but this is very similar to even the disparity between MTech and BTech students at the IITs.

    b) The Indian industry is yet not mature enough to understand Distance Learning Programs.

    However, if you are "just" looking for a degree from a reputed university, then BITS MS is the way. There is no other university in India which can give you a more reputed distance learning degree, and that's the plain truth.

  10. @ akash..i suppose u didnt get point.i said i dont see the point doing a BITS ME degree as the guy would already be at a position where he wud land up after 2 years at BITS.Also the guy is keen on a distance learning program.i doubt that would do him any good.

  11. IISc has evening programs. One can take a couple of courses a semester. The candidate can use the evening classes as a pilot and based on that he can decide on a full time or part time Mtech. This can he will also be able to validate his interest.


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