Sunday, July 06, 2008

Jaane Tu - 4 stars

Friday night and I walk out of Jaane Tu and sms my cousin and a couple of friends: "Great film, must see!"

They reply back:"We saw Love Story 2050... avoid! Absolute disaster!!"

Film Flop Prediction Rule # 1: The guy who ties up with Pantaloons and does a hundred promo events is probably the weaker film.

Besides, when you have a producer like Aamir Khan and a scriptwriter like Abbas Tyrewala, you know. Izzat ka sawaal hai, they will do their best to NOT get it wrong.

So here's the deal. Jaane Tu has got 3 to 3.5 stars from most critics and both Imran and Genelia have been mucho appreciated. But I go a step further and give it 4 stars.

Reason: a love story with newcomers is the oldest formula in filmdom, but also the hardest to get right. Even with the best looking / best trained of actors. We all know what happened to Sawariya... and a million other such attempts.

The trick is to say something new about the context and the conundrum: how do you bring together, then separate and in the end bring together that one boy and one girl?

Well, in the past it was parents and zamaana which kept them apart. Still happens (a young man just jumped off Vashi bridge yesterday as his runaway bride's parents had filed a police complaint).

But that story's kind of been done to death (no pun intended).

With DDLJ we moved to the 'must win parents over', only then.

With Dil Chahta Hai the parents became irrelevant and it was only the two individuals figuring out what they wanted for themselves. The complication being one was already engaged.

Jaane Tu is the next step in the evolution of romance in India: Two best friends who truly believe, "Hey we are NOT in love!"

And of course everyone else can see it but not them. So Jai and Aditi look for romance elsewhere until finally they realise,"Hello, agar mere liye koi hai, to wahi hai, wahi hai, wahi hai."

Here is where the acting bit comes in: Genelia and Imran manage to pull it off. Imran to hai hi blessed and girls break into applause the moment he comes on screen. Genelia had the more difficult role and she does it effortlessly.

Aditi, as her friends describe her, is a girl given to 'extremes'. If Kajol was the original tomboy in KKHH, Aditi is way beyond. She does the things guys are expected to do - be aggressive, swear loudly, and yes even the small stuff like being the designated driver who 'always' drops her friends home.

But she never lets you forget she is a girl. At times, even a girly girl.

The other interesting thing about Jaane Tu is the mixed group. In DCH, we had three friends bonding but they were all guys. And generally in Hindi films or even in advertising, we see groups of girls giggling at a table or groups of boys leaning against their bikes.

Whereas the truth is, in most large cities, guys and girls hang out together. And there is a whole different kind of 'group dynamics' involved.

The trouble starts when there is a couple within the group. And they suddenly have no time or interest in being with the others. But then suddenly the couple break up and now the group itself is torn in two.

That's not the plot here, but it's really common!

In Jaane Tu, there is a different twist: Boms and Rotlu are in love with Jai and Aditi respectively - but the latter are so lost in each other, they have no clue.

Eventually, Boms and Rotlu come together and this happens in a rather comical way when Rotlu is at the farewell party downing his sorrow in 'bottoms up' style pegs of Coke (excellent product placement! congrats to the scriptwriter!)

The gist of their conversation is:"Har kisi ko aisa koi chahiye jo sirf usey dekhe." Or, everyone needs someobody who will make them the centre of a little universe.

And the thing is, this is not a mysterious process which will someday just 'happen' to you. It's a choice you can make.

When Boms and Rotlu looked into each others eyes that night they realised they could create that universe for each other instead of waiting endlessly. They make that choice, and seal it with a kiss.

Even the Jai and Aditi story is really about recognising that love comes in many different forms. Books and movies have propogated only the chocolate-flowers-and-mushy-poems brand of romance.

Jaane Tu explores the idea of love being someone you care about deeply, feel comfortable with and with whom you can truly be yourself. The kickass song 'Aditi' (a really new and different kind of sound from A R Rahman after a long time!) also takes that forward.

"Kabhi kabhi Aditi zindagi mein yun hi koi apna lagta hai."

I know this is said in context of a dead cat but it's really what the film is all about :)

A word about the parents. This is another aspect where we have seen an amazing evolution in Hindi films. And Jaane Tu again breaks new ground here.

Aditi's parents - Jayant Kirpalani and Anuradha Patel - are absoultely delightful. You wish all couples would grow old and be so comfortable and warm with each other.

As a contrast, you have Meghna's parents (Meghna is Jai's interim girlfirend). Rajat Kapur and Kitu Gidwani are an absolutely bitter and unhappy couple who can't stop throwing daggers at each other even in the presence of their daughter's boyfriend.

Later, Meghna tells Jai that her parents stayed together only for 'her sake'. But to block out the reality of their constant and ugly fights she created an imaginary world, where everything was 'perfect'.

This happens in so many Indian homes - parents together for child's sake but horribly unhappy - that you have to wonder. Is it really worth it?

Two other characters also ring so very true.

The first is Sushant - Aditi's fiance who has had a long list of ex girlfriends. Fair enough, she is ok with that. But you know he is definitely the kind of guy who will marry and continue playing the field.

Love is a game of pursuit for Sushant and of course, the same rules do not apply to his fiance. 'Everyone has a past' he tells her but his ego cannot bear it when he figures out she had a thing for Jai.

The second is Aditi's brother, Amit (Prateik Babbar). An intense, but directionless young man who you see in many well to do homes.

Lastly, the comic element. The thread that stitches that takes an otherwise ordinary idea to a much higher level is the side-characters, the little jokes and crazy touches such as:

* The two cowboys and the whole 'Rathore from Ranjhaur' subplot.

* Naseeruddin Shah (Jai's guzre hue pitaji) speaking to Savitri (Jai's mom - Ratna Pathak Shah)) from inside his portrait.

* Jignes, the Gujju boy in the group who is funny without being made fun of.

And of course there are many many memorable one-liners. I will not mention them here and ruin it for you.

Enjoy Jaane Tu. It's an apun ke type ka film. A definite cult hit, the love story of a new generation. A generation which is edgier, more 'in your face'. Where 'Pappu can't dance saala'!

P.S. A quick note on TOI's flm ratings.... They are fast becoming unbelievable!

Nikhat Kazmi has given Jaane Tu 2.5 stars... Chalo woh bhi theek tha. This is a more teenybopper kind of film than say Jab We Met which was a hit with all age groups. So maybe a mainstream paper like TOI might not rate it highly as me.

And there are flaws. Much of the film (especially the climax!) would collapse if Jai - like any normal human being - had a cellphone.

But Nikhat gave 2050 Love Story TWO stars. So ahem you have to wonder: does anyone trust these critics who 'try to keep everyone happy'? Methinks it's not a mere coincidence that a former Femina Miss India and her boyfriend happen to be that hero-heroine of that dud film... which ALL other critics have rated as zero, or at best one star!


  1. Nice Review...

    Very accurate and realistic review but i think you shouldn't have revealed so much story since this might take away the pleasure of the audiences who'll watch the movie after reading your post...

    As far as i'm concerned, i too have given 4 stars to this awesome movie...

  2. hey Rashmi
    i think all your points are valid and some very insightful observations there - i really like the way you've described the evolution of hindi film romance, for ex:. However, i do think you've given away too much of the story...

  3. Wow.. thats a nice movie it looks like from the review.. great piece of write :)

    the last lines btw took the cake - A quick note on TOI's flm ratings.... They are fast becoming unbelievable! - any comments on rediff n its rating system btw? :D

  4. "like any normal human being"! ROTFLMAO!

  5. i wanna watch itt..

  6. Hi there.....very nice review. Very nicely written. I am in complete agreement with you - the movie is an absolute treat to watch.

  7. I cannot agree less with your view on calling the movie totally fabulous and a must see and calling the TOI critics as well in my words,dumb old blokes!
    How can you give this movie a 2.5 and that love story 2050 a 2?As per my friend who saw Love story 2050,its a disaster movie.
    I have a nice quote for the critics which they should carry wherever they write/report.
    DISCLAIMER : The views shared by the critics is of his only and would not be seconded by anyone else but another critic.
    I also agree with others here that you've revealed too much otherwise I would have shared it with people but I don't want to risk my life.LOl.
    Nice review.Great job.

  8. nice review, there are so many moments to treasure from the movie like the gujju planning his own surprise party

  9. The Times of India bit is not new. I've always maintained that their reviews are majorly screwed up. I've never yet agreed with a single one.

  10. Hi Rashmi....

    I've not seen this movie yet, but reading from the description of the storyline that you've provided, it looks like a copy of a malayalam movie named "Niram" starring Kunjako Boban and Shalini. This movie was also later remade into tamil with Prasanth and shalini in it. It has the same theme of two inseparable friends from childhood, growing up and searching for partners and finally ending up marrying each other... If possible, try watching it and am sue the story is similar... Meanwhile, I will watch Jaane Tu :-)

  11. yep!! its a copy of Niram alrite...

  12. I didn’t get to watch the movie yet cos it’s running full-house all over dubai!
    Even on weekdays!

  13. akhir yeh amir ki film hey

  14. akhir yeh amir ki film hey

  15. Hey rashmi,

    i did read ur blog but there are endless flaws in the movie ...
    oh my god how can u forget that idiotic "What's this"
    "Or the horseman duo's"
    watching all these spoils the slightest fun the movie possess..
    unable to agree its a good flick....but can agree we can laugh much at the stupidity throughtout the movie which comes as a relief ;-)

    PS:just my view :-)
    ya i agree Imran rocks and so does jenelia ;-)

  16. That was quite a detailed and observant review. I too gave it rating 4 here:

    I wrote more in reviews I intend to bash, but this one is short. :)

  17. Hey Rashmi, I agree with you fully. Its a really sweet movie and I would not mind watching it more than once. Its just the kind of movie that you want to watch on a Sunday afternoon after lunch in your cosy little room.

  18. The movie is different. Its clean when it comes to presentation. And what all is there that might make the child feel embrassed is something that they hear everyday 10,000 times in the world, or, something like GPL which their folks would not understand. I am pretty impressed by the movie, but a few silly things in it as well. 1) I dont know what was so good in the story that it made the new gurl (Guju boys gf) fall into him after listening to it.
    2) Aditis hair cut was bad, after she was back from the honeymoon. I wonder have these people been pulling each others hair all through the trip.
    3) Initially it took me around 40 minutes to get flowing with the movie. The first 40 minutes could have been made a little more interesting.
    My personal thoughts, no offences. Otherwise a decent effort. I rate it 4 as well. :)

  19. Oooh, saw this movie two days back and loved it...

    sohail n Arbaaz...hahahaha
    Naseeruddin shah from the portrait were all a little too much wackonesss... laughed so hard... :)

  20. TOI gave it 2.5 while Pune Mirror gave it 4!!!

  21. Hi Rashmi... I am agree you and movie deserves 4* STAR..i have watched the movie its fantastic movie, fun to watch..its total PESA VASOOL.

    I am happy that you done a realistic n true review.

    And one thing I would like to add-- Now I dont thnik that readers should consider times of india seriosly while going for movie review (you can also take it in many ways )I THINK NIKHAT is not doing accurate n reallistic reviw - I REMEMBER NIKHAT gave 4 STAR rating to DHOLL (a big flop)

    I enjoy the move..hope other would also,,,,


  22. Ahem.. Genelia is a new comer? She has been doing Tamil & telugu films for 5 years.

    Otherwise I agree with you - ToI stands for ToIlet paper :)

  23. I wrote review on my blog - and now, when I've read yours... I feel like I should have better given a link instead!

  24. During my orientation at an MBA school, the professor said " Your job as an MBA would be to make sense of chaotic words, data and images" -

    This review looks more of an MBA attempt to give meaning to a film....Awesome!

  25. An expectedly nice, accurate and fun-to-read review!
    But I would beg to differ on the climax part. Jai's not having cellphone had already been explained in the movie.

  26. so here comes another must watch and all the same reasons i gave to my boyfriend so that he takes me to watch the movie. but he didnt instead went along his friends. promisd wont watch it and reading ur review m sure too watch it and soon though i know the story and all still will enjoy m sure

  27. OMG, I can't believe you liked the movie!! I hated it. IT IS A BAD MOVIE TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COST. MOST BORING, OVERHYPED MOVIE EVER

  28. Read a few more comments. Completely agree with shweta, Sam Relan, you call it decent? HORRIBLE is the word....dear!

  29. @Sunshine,are you a sadist? You would lack sense of humour to not like this movie.That is the only problem I see with people thinking its not a nice movie or well for thinking its horrible.

  30. Tanuj, are you a sadist? you must lack commonsense to like this movie. This is the only problem I see with people who like this movie

  31. Sunshine,I don't think replying to your sadist comments and opinions is required anymore.Thanks.
    Your opinion is well "different" in this matter at least.

  32. May be to add to the review comments. Its on the basic theme of "Nuvve Kavvali" from Telugu. You have a small modifications in the story to make it a different one.

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  34. The film made me wish that I was young again...I have a 7 year old relationship with my fiance...and I have known him since I was in Class 4...while he professed his love way back...I maintained that we are just friends, coz (honestly) that's how I saw took me a while to realise that all that I wanted from a guy was all there in him...just that I'd refused to see the real picture! I wanted to relive those days...and be young again... :)We saw the film together...and he agreed...!

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