Monday, May 14, 2007

Early morning internet

44% of Brazilians read in the bathroom, according to the study; in Saudi Arabia, 10% of respondents do.

More than half of all Indian respondents surf the Web before leaving the house, while less than one-third of Americans or Canadians do.

About 80% of Saudi Arabians pray or meditate before work; in Germany, 3% of respondents do.

- data from a BBDO survey on 'daily rituals' around the world, via PSFK.

Hmmm... wonder what the bathroom reading figure for India might be! I'd like to do a similar study, focussing just on the youth.

Asking stuff like... how many people take their cellphones into the loo. How many skip breakfast, by accident or design. And how many wake up feeling like shit everyday - because of late night TV/ orkut!

Meanwhile, I can feel 'normal', logging in to check my mail and even put up a quick blog post, just before leaving for work. Now that I have a Reliance Netconnect modem, this ritual should rightfully drop out of my day. Except it's a bit of a pain to stare at a laptop screen in broad daylight...


  1. I don't read in bathrooms!Definitely not!I have lots of time to spare to read!And surfing,yes!I do it in the mornings and nights. But,not very late in the nights so as to affect my mornings.

  2. More than half surf the net before leaving! I wasnt aware of this :P. I guess I come in the other "less than half" who think surfing the net first thing in the mornign or watching TV subah subah is "weird".

    Reading in the loo would probably score 90% in Indians :p :)

  3. why not put that as an online survey on JAM site.

  4. I would certaily recommend reading in the bathroom, especially when sitting on the throne. I have observed that reading something that produces even a small amount of mental stress/stimulation leads to a rapid and easy release of payload.

  5. i certainly belong to the first half who surf internet before leaving to office :)

  6. Bathroom reading must form an important part of the Indian Population i guess. I gave up the habit after some effort, but i guess it is widely prevalant !

    Market researches are wonderful isnt it. The king of insights it gives. Only leaves the data gatherer with quite an effort to ask all the incisive qeustions

  7. I do read in bathrooms, at times can't do without it.

    I do skip breakfast too..

    Others are not applicable.

  8. hi

    Many people belong to that nature those who don't find a time of there personal interest so they do it in bathroom most of big society people do have reading interest in bathroom but all thie habit is due to wester culture which they are seeing in TV and making them a fashion.

  9. I love reading in the loo. And to be fairly honest, after I turn of the alarm I turn on my laptop, right there, as I continue wallowing in my bed. So I guess your stats are true but I wonder if they apply to Indians in America :-)

  10. you may add ibibo too, to the OCD list. look at the way people post there !!!

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