Monday, July 21, 2008

IIPM's 'international placements'

The latest series of ads from IIPM touts its 'international placements'. As per figures released in the ad, all IIMs placed 249 students abroad, ISB placed 111 and IIPM placed 165.

What's more, one of the ads now uses an article published in Hindustan Times on 13 July 2008 titled 'B-schooled in India, Placed abroad' to support the IIPM claim.

This article featured two IIPM alumni- Saumya Sharma (29), working with ANZ bank in Melbourne and Poulomi Basu (29), working with Lehman Bros, New York.

However, as a student I would still have the following questions:
a) Which companies exactly did 165 students who secured 'international placements' get their jobs?

b) What was the average salary package for these international placements (all reputed bschools release average salary figures for Indian and international placements as a matter of routine).

c) How does this salary package compare with that offered to students of IIMs, ISB, FMS, MDI etc.

d) What about job profile and designation?

Re: the HT article:
a) It mentions that Poulomi Basu 'bagged a First Class First in Personnel Management and Marketing Management' (from IIPM) - something that helped her considerably in gaining admission to good universities in the US.

This implies that Poulomi did a second degree in the US. And therefore her job at Morgan Stanley in New York and now Lehman Brothers cannot be attributed to a placement at IIPM.

b) This paragraph in Saumya's story struck me as odd:

“Packed with my MBA and stories that I had heard from Dad about his experience overseas, I decided to come to Australia to begin my career.” And not for a moment has she felt it had been a wrong move, because everyday at work, Saumya says, she is presented with opportunities to practise what she learnt during her time at IIPM.

I mean most bschool grads credit their institute for exposure, network and getting that great first job...

Incidentally, it is three years since JAM carried its original article looking into IIPM's claims. If things have improved - great. I would be happy for the students and alumni of the institute.

However it must be noted that in June 2008, UGC had declared IIPM as a fake university. Subsequently IIPM moved the Delhi High Court. According to the Economic Times:

...senior advocate A S Chandiok, appearing for the IIPM, contended that the main reservation was regarding the use of the word "fake" by the UGC about the institution.

"We do not mind being called unrecognised. But, the word fake is not correct and this should not be used as it gives wrong signal," Chandiok said.

As of now, IIPM has 'agreed to make it clear in its advertisements that the institute offers only certificate courses'.

The institute would also clarify that its courses were aimed at making the students eligible for degree courses like MBA and BBA provided under International Management Institute (IMI), Belgium.

It is unclear why IIPM cannot simply follow UGC requirements, become a recognised university and award a degree of its own. Like so many other private educational enterprises.

Especially as the institute is keen to gain not just students but respect.

More debate taking place here.

If you would like to add comments below, please stick to the facts and let's examine the situation as it stands today.


  1. I have been following this debate for the past 3 years...when you were first attacked by the IIPMites for launching an attack on their claims of being better than the IIMs. I am again surprised to see these audacious moves from IIPM even after they were so badly taken to task that time.
    It is ridiculous an d a total mockery of our education system, which as it is, has been reduced to shambles.

  2. Noticed the ad today...Indeed this fact seems strange that the only parameter they compare themselves with other b-schools is "international placements" in terms of numbers. As far as fake and unrecognized titles are concerned...I see a valid stance on the IIPM's part provided they act upon their decision to mention about their certificate courses and unrecongized status in every ad and other nomenclature.
    Its not a one off instance in India of a school or university going the IIPM way...the only difference been here its B-School claiming to offer an MBA degree (correction: Certificate Course) better that the IIMs. As far as HT is would have been more informative and responsible on their part to mention the UGC status of IIPM while carrying that aticle. Especially since this very article has become the crux of the latest ad by IIPM.
    Interesting post...would be helpful to MBA-aspirants still unawared by IIPM's credibility and lured by its ads...

  3. IIPM has come out very clearly in their Advertisement about providing certificate courses rather than comparing with IIM.

    I don't understand why IIPM is very reluctant to register itself as an University? By registering as an Univ they will get more grants and can cater to masses as they call so.

    Its not only the IIMs they compare with.
    //From their "Answers to Rumors" -

    IIPM is a private institution, ie. it is entirely funded by student fees. While in the US, Harvard and Stanford are also private, the Indian education system does not recognize private institutions as yet in a similar manner.//

    May Grads of Harvard & Stanford forgive them :)

  4. The questions raised by you are very relevant. It is not just cool to have international placements, but its equally or perhaps more important to know the following facts about IIPM's international placements:

    1. What packages are offered to an IIPM certificate course grad as compared to an IIM PGP grad or a similar degree course grad from MDI, ISB, etc?

    2. More importantly, what is the profile and the designation offered in the international placements offered to IIPM students?

    3. Were the students who were placed from IIPM in companies abroad, offered jobs b'coz of their IIPM education or because of theire other skills? For eg, a B.Tech student getting a software job after IIPM is the same as that student getting that job straight after B.Tech.
    It is worth noting that Poulomi mentioned in HT (s u pointed out) got a job at Lehman after studying in another univ in US.

    These are questions that IIPM must answer, since it is being accused a "fake institute" that plays with the future of its students.

  5. I'm glad someone atleast spoke. Usually, the media tends to shy away from asking direct questions (maybe its the ad money). There is a dire need to encounter claims being made by educational institutes.

    In Ahmedabad for eg., there is an ad on cable since a long time, offering Bachelor degree in 4-6 weeks! Obviously IIPM is not running a scam but it is fudging important details which could be very important to making or breaking the career of an individual.

    I don't know how much it will help, but I am glad JAM spoke.. atleast dared!

  6. Any small news in the media is bound to be displayed as breaking news and news now, but i still wonder how have the IIPM episode never caught the media frenzy of the media, has the concept of yellow journalism just died.... but one thing that matters is the definition of the word international, at a B-School level itself i have seen two of three professors use the term international in different terms, just as surrogate if IIPM is doing this!!!!
    However i think the media can come into the foray, me thinks its the money of advertising that makes them mum about!!!!
    Anyway in this world business ethics just turned an oxymoron!!!!!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. according to IIPM they are only second to ISB in foreign placements..yeah right :P!!!

    for you,nepal is also phoren :)

  9. "Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital."

    The same is the case here.

    ISB graduated 421 students last year.
    IMs graduate close to 1100 students per year.
    IIPM graduates close to 2500 students per year.

    Some other colleges:
    FMS graduated 133 students last year.
    XLRI graduated 180 students last year.
    SJSOM graduated 53 students last year.


    I could not find number of international placements for MDI, IMT, IIFT.

    Therefore, the number of international placements/batch strength for each of them are as follows: (Ranked in order)

    1. ISB [1 out of 3.79 (Sorry for using decimals!) students was internationally placed]
    2. IIMs [1 out of 4.42 students was internationally placed]
    3. SJSOM [1 out of 5.88 students was internationally placed]
    4. FMS [1 out of 6.65 students was internationally placed]
    5. XLRI [1 out of 15 students was internationally placed at an avg of 90000 USD ]
    6. IIPMs [1 out of 15.15 students was internationally placed]

    You make the deductions yourself! :)

    IIPM needs to understand that it is hurting it's own image by providing people with "incomplete" information.

    Nevertheless, I have to say that the people I know at IIPMs work quite hard through their 2 years of studies. The curriculum is pretty rigorous too. Placing 2500 students is not easy too.

    Disclaimer: I am not an IIPM Student!

  10. Advertise as much as they want, they cannot really sell their product to the smart consumer. As a student and then as a working professional IIPM was never an option. Ofcourse, I looked beyond the IIM's, but there are too many quality insititutes to go to rather than consider IIPM as an option. IMHO, IIPM is an option for those who find no hope in other quality institutes and desperately seek an MBA in this ever so demanding 'Manager' oriented market. So promote as much as they want, a simple thinking student/professional will not be diverted.

  11. Seriously Rashmi, I deign not think IIPM warrants a post.

    They have taken lying to a completely new level.

    They seem to be have topped the Indian Alcohol Industry in publishing Misleading adverts.

    I seriously hope someone takes a cue and takes IIPM to the court to put an end to this farce. Not to mention the fact that the newspapers stop suffering from myopia and not think of only the ad revenue.

  12. Thinks beyond IIM's - Free laptops......

    i feel its for students who want to have mgmt education and want to spend a lot of money to have it (coz of failing to clear thru aptis and gd's and pi's) and of course for "Free Laptops"


  13. I was just browsing various TV channels when I came across a B school survey being shown on Zee Business .....

    And guess what IIPM is again ranked in the Top 10 in almost all the parameters including no 1 in "Best B-School Global Exposure".
    For full info follow this link

    It is quite understandable that a media house like Zee has its own reasons for putting IIPM in their top 10 (after all they need to pump in more and more cash into ICL)
    Thus we can soon expect to see IIPM emerge as the biggest ad spender on Zee Network.
    The worrying point for me is Synovate (a leading International research firm- Most of its top mgmt in india is iim alumni )lends it name to these rankings.

  14. This 'institute' is fake,the father and son duo are scamsters.Choti doesnt have a degree in anything.IIPM is a place for rich kids who want to show a degree but dont have a brain for it.Dont expect the media to blow their cover anytime soon.They get too much ad revenue from IIPM.This is not unique to indian media alone.It happens all over the world.The term for it is...Editorialisation.
    In india as they say...Nazar ghoomi to andwa gul.

  15. Hi
    A few things.
    1. This IIPM fraudie is eagerly supported by the lalas of Indian Media. E.g: T.o.I (TOIlet paper of India), Hindustan Times and Zee TV. Why? Coz. IIPM thows money and the lalas want to lap it up like hungry mongrels.
    2. These ladies in question. Poluomi Basu, the poor little thing has to do a two-year programme in HR from SUNY (only criteria is you pay money) and is now a data entry operator in HR dept in MS. The second one is an intern with ANZ whilst pursuing her education from Monash University. Obviously the highly rated IIPM degree didnt fetch them any job anywhere. So they had to go thru the grind of getting a job thru papa-mummy-uncles channels.
    Now how can these be IIPM placements. its like my village's sarkari kinter garten school issuing an ad saying they have placed one chap, thats me, in a Wall street bank. Apparently this reporter Nivriti Bhutalia either got some goodies or her editor got some to forget this basic common sensical thingie.

    Rashmi, why dont you take up legal cudgels against the media and the IIPM alike so that 2000-3000 kids arent fooled into joining this fako school.

  16. Why shout at IIPM?? they are running a business and will try their best to promote themselves - fair game. I feel it's Zee Business who should be taken to task for some irresponsible reporting. And Zee Business is not alone. Every magazine, as is fashionable today, deems it fit to give their 2 cents on college rankings with very lame background work.


    All Anti-IIPMites, I have just one thing to say to you, "Don’t just Pass over your comments unless and until you have experienced that situation".
    This clearly shows jealously towards the IIPM students, as they get Admission through a easier entrance test than CAT, and on top of it they don’t compromise with the education (Knowledge, experience & improved personality) that they get from IIPM, which indeed is competitive to other top institutes.
    And the final thing i.e. placements, yet the ultimate destination for every student, is also very good & is indeed is among the top ones.
    I would also like to tell you that it’s not an institute only which guarantees a good education, knowledge & placements, but more importantly it is the student capabilities & eagerness to learn.
    In fact I came across with a case, where an intelligent boy cracked CAT exam got admission in IIM, but after having admission he became overcame overconfident started missing classes, engaged in bad habits and ultimately he was dropped out . So in this we just can’t blame an institute, it’s the student who I the ultimately responsible for his career, an institute is just like a mentor who can only provide you directions but can’t put knowledge inside you without your cooperation. And IIPM indeed is a great mentor.


  18. All Anti-IIPMites, How can you give a name "FAKE' to an institute.Yes we all know this is not recognized doesnt mean this is fake. Moreover if an institute provide quality education I dont think so we can give name "fake " Again you are noone who can give such kind of identity. Moreover there are students who were not gud at studies could nt gud good mark in their acdemics cant appear in CAT, and as usual you cant get admission in a gud B- School where IIPM gives you confidence to stand up and achieve their dreams. Now regarding AD every product in India we buy because of AD. if IIPM gives the ad what harm in it. their placements are gud no doubt about it. there are students who took loan and did alot of hard work to arrange money so how can you say rich families kids can join. Free Lap top yes a student needs laptop in MBA. I think if any of you ever studied in a B- school you have a +ve answer for this. I close friend of mine studied in symbiosis Pune, but when it came to placement she didnt get the gud placement. Now you can imagine it is not the institute but student who can make their dreams come true.

    I have never found that any institute is there to spoil you or your career, The person who is joining B- school their are mature they just need a mentor and i personally feel IIPM is a gud mentor.

    At last I just want to say first experiance then say IIPM is not a alike a FMCG product, if others are saying or UGC saying it is fake. Moreover we are no one to critize as we dont know the fact.

    I am just a graduate working with a MNC as a Manager. I gave this example to let you know that it is you who decide how to take you life ahead, specially towards career.


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