Monday, May 01, 2006

Koi aam baat nahin

There is a new ad for Maaza which I find rather sweet. It features Satish Shah as the chowkidaar of an aam ka baag, reminiscing about the good old days when kids tried to sneak in and steal the fruit. And couples would romance each other under the trees.

Now, it seems he has no work because everyone is happy drinking new Maaza with Alphonso. So that's what he does now - sell Maaza instead of mangoes! In fact the trees itself are now laden with Maazas...A bit of a creative leap but well, that's advertising for you.

This ad actually brought back memories of the summer I spent in a small town which was then more like a village, where the chief attraction was - eating mangoes. Now people in Bombay swear by Alphonso, in UP they swear by langda and there are a hundred other varieties in between.

But the mangoes at this place - Seoni in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh - were the original 'maaza'. A breed of mangoes - called Chausa - which were something quite unique.

As in all mango-eating rituals, first comes the science of selection. You have to keep a watch over the fruit to know which is 'ripe enough'. These were then dumped into bucketsful of water, to "reduce the heat". The difference with Chausa is that you don't cut it. Simply mash up the fruit between your palms, make a small hole on the top and then drink up.

It is a most amazing mango experience. The kind that makes you quite sticky and orange. The after-effects of one too many were some distressing heat boils. But, well, worth the inconvenience!

I have never seen this mango in Bombay. I'm told Chausa is kind of dying out - that it's not a variety which is in much demand for export. Hence, no new trees are being planted. Sad, I say! I have a good mind to pay a visit to Seoni one summer and taste another bucketful.

On a related note, there was a piece in DNA last week on what certainly looks like a trend that may take off. A Thane couple gives children a feel of old Maharastrian customs by taking them to a village to spend a week.

Nitin Karkare, a Thanekar, and his wife Shilpa are taking children from the city to their roots. Their summer camp called Mamacha Gavi Jauya ('Let's visit uncle's village') takes kids to their 200 year old wada (home) at Tural village in Konkan.

Among the many 'activities': Children are thrown into the village pond, play games like Lagori,"Aatya Phatya" and even ride on a bullock cart. There are camps for adults and senior citizens as well. Check out their pretty neat website.

Yup, the "native place" we all once took for granted is fast disappearing. I, for one, have no relatives left in what you would call a true-blue village. Even those in small towns lead lives not very different from mine, with all modern conveniences.

But no point crying over packaged milk. Cows, ponds and mango orchards still exist. You'll just have to pay to enjoy them now...

(mango pic courtesy Kyle's travel site)


  1. Ad might backfire - the picture it is putting in everyone's heads is that of ripe mangoes from orchards. Maaza simply cannot be a substitute for THAT.

    My best mango expirience was when my grandfather made mango milkshake while I sucked the seed clean.

  2. The rustic holidays idea is quite interesting. Great differentiation strategy. Keep 'em coming.

  3. My "native village" is unfortunately (or fortunately) returning to my rustic roots is not possible. Sigh!

  4. I liked the ad too....the BGM is also nice...wonder if someone noticed it!

  5. Lovely post!!!!!

    Chausa is a great pick!!! Thought it scores above the malihabaadi dushehris and langdas n also my all time favorite.

    There's nothing like chausa being unique to Seoni. You can get plenty of 'em in U.P.'s Terai too but over the years as you've pointed out the no.s have dwindled. Unfortunately the masses in India aren't aware that such a breed exists...talkin of masses, how many of us include fruits in our diet??

  6. Rashmi... me first time here...
    nice blog on Mangoes...

    BTW - Mangoes in UP are Dashehri or Dasehri...(more specifically - Malihabad)... and if I am not wrong Langda are more in bengals... though most of the breeds can be found in any part of the country now a days...

    PS: blogrolled you...

  7. Chausa choose kar kaya jata hai..the description of eating a chausa was interesting :)
    Infact the desi aam which is absolutely a tiny and juicy mango is the most fun to eat...
    Malihabadi dusehra is a sweet bliss favourite.
    well aam ras, aam pana, mango shake..I wish to blog on mangoes now...

  8. chaos...I've never seen a dasehri in the south...ppl there just dont know what a dusehri is. ask Banarasis n they'll tell you what langda means to them...b4 you think it belonged to Bengal

  9. castelino... yup it's very difficult to find dusehri in south... and regarding langda... i have little info to comment ... just that it's not found (or rather grown) in central and western UP...

  10. hello rashmi, I check ur blog regularly...but I can't open the webpage of there any problwm with it?????

    I have also linked urs to mine...hope it's ok with u

  11. Wow,
    what a mouth watering post.
    You reminded me of the day when I was in Hostel in Karjat(raigad District). There was a mango bagh where we used to go around and tell the keeper to pluck the fresh mangoes.We used to eat the mangoes there and loiter around whole afternoon.

    i just love mangoes.

  12. Hi Rashmi,
    In all fairness Rashmi, Is this an Ad that we should be impressed with. Can anything substitute the pleasure of having real mango. Something that we eat after heavy work in childhood (throw stones, use all sorts of ingeneous means for plucking mangoes). All those days make my mouth water. Is the younger generation not missing something by drinking maaza and not having the real experience. Isn't this whole ad a bit SAD? It is like the ad where coke tries to sell itself as a drink that is better and cheaper than water? Can it ever be better than drinking water?

  13. Hi Rashmi,

    I can appreciate ur longing for 'Chausa' mangoes.I grew up in a small village and we have a mango orchard in there.We used to spend our summer hols in that orchard,such was the charm of it.Believe me those were the days I miss the most.As far as the ad is concerned I think it tries to play on the 'Go Back To Root'sentiment but the creativity is appreciable.

  14. hey rashmi, dropped in for the first time. nothing like a messy mango-eating session. as for the rustic life, i think the best part about it is that the joys are so simple.

    thanks for a nice post!

  15. Yummy post :-)
    As for rusticholidays, if the real experience is anything close to what the site potrays, it should definitely be worth a go.

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  17. hi Rashmi,

    the post reminds me of my own mango eating experience while i was at lucknow. one of my friends, Atif, belonging to a prominent family of Lucknow once took me to the orchards of Malihabad, a 35-40km drive from lucknow, passing enroute to places like kakori (famous for its kakori kabobs). we reached the Bhadaura house in Malihabad around noon. the Kothi belonging to his friend ashar ali khan, to whom also belonged the entire bhadaura village (as expected they are also nawabs!)Since we didn't know the route to the haveli, we asked for directions from 'paanwallahs' to 'chaiwallahs', right from the outskirts of lucknow. the surprising thing was everyone seemed to know details about them while we only knew that it was somewhere in Malihabad.

    Once in the mango 'bageecha', we had a field day, savouring the many varieties of mango, can't even remember. Few of the trees , believe it or not!, had on them over 300 different varities. And some of them, as claimed, were the lone variety of mango in the world!
    Knowing this fact multiplied the taste, for we were presumably eating the mango, which wasn't to be found anywhere else on earth!
    In fact Josh malihabadi, that very famous urdu poet was born in this same village, and was a mango addict, and when he decided to leave it, wrote a beautiful ghazal, ALWIDA, in memory of the place and its famous mango orchards. The same has been put to tarana/sung by Jagjit singh beautifully but is not a very popular of his ghazals. all in all a mango experience is like experiencing the real north indian summer. Those who haven't do it now guys!!

  18. Hi Rashmi,

    Loved reading your Blog, sp this post which took me to my childhood when we use to wait for the "Maliyabadi Dasheri" mangoes from Lucknow to come and then my mom use to make Mango Shake for us which was superb.

    Anyhow now i am in bangalore and last weekend bought Alphonso mangoes from Food world. Somebody in my office also bought mangoes from Salem but then you cannot compare Alphonso Mangoes from Salem ones.

  19. Your article reminded me of the summers I had as a school student, visiting my 'native place' in Kerala. My grand parents had a traditional Kerala style house, complete with pond, mango trees, and more. We used to look forward to the trip. Unfortunately, with the demise of my grand parents, the place was sold....I definitely wouldn't mind paying to relive that experience!

  20. Rashmi: You rock! 2 pertinent points in one cute post!

  21. Chaos,
    There are enough places in central and western UP where you can find langda. I had it last summer on GT Road between Bulandshar and Khurja. It has tons of Baags arround the road.

  22. You brought back memeories 4 me too, As i remember eating (wouldn't use sucking, as it is used in swear-word-only context, though would be more correct here) countless Chausa mangoes during my trips to my native place in Rajasthan. I belive the are still quiet a rage there. now theres no time for the luxury of doing nothing.

    Dusehris and Langdas are available in Mumbai in late summers.

  23. Nitin Karkare summer camp called Mamacha Gavi Jauya - the link is not working. Could you please give the url to the site or their contact numbers? Thanks a ton.


  24. Nitin Karkare summer camp called Mamacha Gavi Jauya - the link is not working. Could you please give the url to the site or their contact numbers....

    Thanks lot.


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