Monday, January 09, 2006

Baba Ramdev ki ajab dastaan

I have a healthy dislike of gurujis and babajis of all ilks. Top of my list are the miracle workers who claim to cure uncurable diseases - they so obviously prey on the helpless and the hopeless, people clutching at straws of hope.

Second on my list are the preachers who say recite this mantra or embrace this form of worship and thou shalt attain salvation. As if.

Both of the above, invariably, get drunk on the money and power that fame and following brings. And then come the whispers of sexual favours, molestation, even murders involving the 'Holy One'. Does not sound God-like to me!

However a New Age calls for New Age Gurus. This guru is one who offers more of practical and psychotherapeutic advice than deep religious or spiritual fundas. And in a format that's nicely packaged, easy to digest.

The two gurus who fit the bill are Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Swami Ramdev .

The key take away from Sri Sri's 'Art of Living' course is the 'sudarshan kriya' breathing technique while Ramdev is chiefly known for teaching ordinary individuals of varying shapes and sizes all manners of yoga asanas and pranayams.

Art of Living has a more premium brand image while Ramdev has a wide, mass appeal. But both, I think, are doing a great job of delivering ancient Indian wisdom to a modern, skeptical and stressed population.

The Bone of Contention
And now, Ms Brinda Karat is accusing Ramdev of selling 'adulterated' medicines. Financial Express reports:

"We came to know in June-July last year that herbal ayurvedic medicines prepared by Divya Yog Pharmacy, owned by Ramdev, contained animal material and human bones. We then handed over the medicine samples to Department of AYUSH and now they have confirmed our apprehension," she said.

But the swami's followers as well as leaders across the political spectrum have come out in support of Ramdev. Because medicines have never been his primary appeal.

As Acharya Balkrishanji, director of Ramdev's Divya Yog Pharmacy pointed out in an interview with the TOI,"While Swami Ramdev started teaching pranayam about 15 years ago, we started selling medicines only a year and a half back. The turnover is Rs 1 crore annually."

The 'overall assets' of the Divya Yoga Mandir Trust, incidentally, are worth Rs 45 crores.

Sach kya hai?
As of now, Ramdev denies adding animal content to his medicines . What, then, of the samples tested which Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss says contain some ' animal residue'?

And does 'animal residue' necessarily mean 'animal and human bone' as Ms Karat and ex-workers of Ramdev's pharmacy allege?

Dr Madan Gulati, Deputy Director, Ayurveda, UT, said to the Tribune: "Ayurveda is not a system of medicine for vegetarians alone. In fact, it is incomplete without the use of minerals and animal parts. Ayurvedic medicines contain herbs, minerals, shells and corals but there is no place for human bones".

This is what the description on Ramdev's own website states:
Medicine: Divya Arshkalp Vati (for curing piles)
Main Constituents: Pure rashont, termalia, chooti harad, bakayan seed, neem seed, reethatawka, desi kapoor, kaharva, khoonkharaba, makoya,alua, nagdaun etc.

Khoonkharaba? Apparently there is a herb by that name.
What I find more interesting is the "etc". Etc could be anything.

The Solution
If Ramdev stands firm that his medicines do not contain any 'non-veg' content then he has to be able to prove this by getting more samples tested at a nationally recognised laboratory.

If they do contain some 'animal' elements he should simply come out and say: "Some medicines may contain animal content - but they work. You decide if you want to buy them!"

To my mind even that would not pose a problem:
a) as long as no people or animals are actually killed for their bones
b) those buying the medicine are aware of the facts and accept them

When I was growing up 7 Seas Cod liver oil was a much favoured prescription for 'health and vitality'. My brother and I consumed those yucky transparent yellow capsules for years. (God forbid if one opened in your mouth before swallowing!)

And this, in a family that has always been strictly 'vegetarian'.

But then, the question arises - would Ramdev's medicines qualify as 'ayurvedic' if they contain animal / human bone?

What is ayurveda?
The big mystery today is - what is an ayurvedic product in the first place. My first memory of a product that unabashedly called itself thus: Vicco vajradanti toothpowder and toothpaste. "Ayurvedic jadi bootiyon se bana sampoorn swadeshi..." went the jingle.

Then, multinationals discovered Ayurveda.

a) For tax purposes: If an OTC offering or cosmetic product is labelled 'ayurvedic' - there are several commercial benefits.

The most famous example is Vicks Vaporub which uses the exact same formula in America and India, except here it lists the Indian (herbal) ingredients on the label. The company was able to establish that all of its ingredients were listed in traditional Ayurvedic texts.

b) Customer appeal: Companies realised that any product labelled ayurvedic or herbal connoted 'natural' and 'chemical freee' to the customer. The Hindu reports that the Rs 300-crore segment is perceived to be "the hottest and the fastest growing". And hence everything from toothpaste to shampoo to face cream went ayurvedic with a vengeance.

So we saw new and amazing products like Clinic Plus Ayurvedic Hair Wash with natural ingredients such as neem, tulsi and cinnamon leaf oil...

Do a few drops of one or the other plant extract make a product 'ayurvedic'? How herbal do you need to be to qualify as truly herbal??

Someone, somewhere urgently and immediately needs to set clear and definite standards for what constitutes 'ayurveda'. Both in medicine and cosmetics. Or, in the name of ancient India, consumers will continue to be taken for a ride. Maybe one they are enjoying - but a ride nevertheless.

Meanwhile the Brinda Karat vs Ramdev slugfest continues... And at the end of it all, both will come out unscathed. Looking good in the eyes of their respective followers. Make no bones about it!


  1. I think there are quite a few fallacies you can add to the list : like toothpastes containing calcium (!!), mineral water with 200% oxygen and Nutri-flow system fridges....
    With the whole intellectual rights, copyrights and patenting complications, there doesn't seem to be a clear authority (govt/private) on Ayurveda. Just a bunch of loonies screaming about Indian Culture and Americans cashing in on the confusion.

    Yes. someone, please help us !

  2. this yogi baba is a genuis! its only after this incident that i came to know that he has his own factory and own brand of medicines and all! wow! this is definitely going into my you-dont-need-mba-to-suceed speech at the bschool interviews! :) i am sure he must be using vedic maths for accounting purposes! ;)

  3. yeah, you're perfect in your observations!..The problem is that politicians seem to only favour niche guruji's who do favours to them in the guise of saints!

  4. One common hole I find in stories by the Indian media is the lack of detail. In this case, what are the specifics of the lab that did the analysis ? Where is the full report of the analysis which has the percentages of each chemical present ? Where is the rebutt from distinguished medical scholars or doctors ? This "he said, she said" debates can end instantly. It pretty easy to prove if a certain ingredient is harmful to humans. Even after touting ourselves to be a progressive society, we don't press for details and look at things scientifically in this day and age. Sad, but true.

  5. There is more to this than just the issue of contaminated 'medicines'. The whole thing reeks of a massive conflict of interest. Ramdev prescribes a way of life and also offers 'medical' products supporting the same. This is like a hospital having a take in a pharma company. Why should 'yogis' & their other businesses be held to different standards?

  6. Last time I was in India, my local hometown was teeming with the Bhakts of Baba. A couple of doctors I know were pretty pissed off because a lot of people had stopped visiting them for smaller ailments. Yet others were worried that this do-it yourself attitude for more serious kind of illness might spell trouble for the people.

    In any case, my own skepticism was driven away by the fact a lot of his advice made a lot of common sense and you could leave alone his spiritual and religious leanings.

    Of course, as usual, none of the major newspapers have taken any initiative in buying his products from open markets and getting them tested privately to get to the bottom of the controversy. Maybe they are all afraid of Brinda Karat’s labor unions at their own presses. In fact initially, no one except Indian Express, even mentioned the fact that the root of this controversy might have been in labor dispute.

    Oh well! We deserve our Wynand Papers, don’t we?

  7. Well,Well..Another one of the Baba issues..After the entire episode, I switched on one of Baba's episodes on Aastha Channel. And he was strongly berating the MNC's in his discourse. After Brinda Karat went public with her findings, Baba had accused her of doing this on the egging of MNC's. Dont know what the truth is. But simply having animal products in medicined should not be a worry but what will be worrying for Baba is that his followers will not take it kindly if he agress that his medicines do have animal content..

    To be truthful, this makes better reading on a morning than reading about another of Mushy's grand ideas to solve Indo-Pak dispute.. :-)


  8. herbal products are not entirely herbal as we expect them to be.they contain some amount of chemicals.

    and tht pic!wer did u find it?

  9. I had been pretty impressed with this 'yogi' becuase his USP has been one which can be readily verified. Many of my relatives are satisfied with his ways.

    Though with all this soft corner, I hoped that he didn't disappoint me in this episode, but unfortunately he did. After Brinda Karat came with the allegations, his supporters ransacked CPI(M)'s office at some places. I felt that as against his counterpart sadhu who added flame to the fire, he would ask people to calm down and stop protesting. Although he didn't ask them to go on rampage, he didn't even calm them down (to the best of my knowledge).

    If what I have gathered is up-to-date, I would say that he is fit to be a guru, but not a sadhu.

  10. I have seen people benefitting from Baba Ramdev's advice. Here is my post about it.

  11. Newspaper editorial confirms the issues raised by Brinda Karat.

    Its high time the Pharmacy comes out and clarifies its stand.


  12. It is very easy to be materialistitic, running after money day in and day out. But to offer something to the society is not that easy. A minimum of 10% of people across the section are frauds-may be it corporate executives, businessmen, doctors, engineers and also babas. But then the remaining 90% are genuine.But for media it is always interesting to flash stories about people are known and the slightest news that they get is enough for them to malign someone's image to the extent that all the countless service that he would have done goes for a

  13. I don't understand why the people in India are so fake when it comes to Vegetarianism. Some say eggs are vegetarian...(such crap!)

    If we go analyzing everything then even the daily sugar we eat is made from polishing it with bone charcoal (obtained from dead animals).

    Does being a vegetarian really make a difference to who you are? Or does it qualify for you to go to heaven?

    I think the people here should stop with this hypocritic lifestyle. If you eat non-veg..good. If you eat veg ...great! Good for you.

  14. I guess this whole debate is more about People's faith in Ramdev than about the medicinal value of the drugs.
    To top it all Laloo gave a spicy comment "Jab tak umar badhata kya farak parta hai ki usme manav ya danav ka haddi hai".Ignorance is Bliss..

  15. Here is an article ..a prof this time earning a bad reputation to the institute.

  16. Very well written. I was planning a post on this discovery of Ayurveda by looking at a Vicks Inhaler. The Inhaler is "ayurvedic", but in the US, for obvious reasons, it is not! There are so many other examples. For these cos, mostly it is a matter of tax concessions, except perhaps for those like Dabur which sells mostly Avurvedic stuff.

  17. Heard abt him a lot, Baba Ramdev happened to visit Indore when I was home and saw the crowd he pulls and its just 'coz of 2 things - simplicity and yoga! He doesn't talk of miracles, neither any advertisements.

    Kinda skeptical about that animal parts in his meds controversy :|

    from somewhere, I got this 3 hour long video describing yoga in details - haven't seen it properly but seems quite interesting! Anyone interested lemme know.

  18. What happened to this issue.
    I suppose Brinda Karat was scared off at the prospect of losing large number of votes...

    It seems to me that it was more politically motivated rather than having any basis in those allegations. Swami Ramdev once came on TV reading the background of the people who hurled accusations at him. Some of the employees were members of the communist party. Also , one of the ex labourers was on TV talking to press. The way she spoke was rude and jarring to the ears. It seemed clear that someone had put the words in her mouth. She would look around (probably to brinda karat who would not be seen in the camera) when asked a question and then speak the same old record again and again.

    From what I have seen of Baba Ramdev on TV, he seems a genuine and honest person.

  19. Just like there are fake spiritualists in our country, so are fake anti-spiritualists too. They understand nothing about yoga and spirituality, claim to be broad-minded while following Western systems superstitiously. Saying that all yogis and babas are fake is just like saying that all Americans are war-mongers. Baba Ramdev has done wrong by not complying to the standards set by the government, and he should be given appropriate warning and treatment for that. It ends there. But, anyways I feel he has benefitted society more than all these Karat-brand politicians have ever done.

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    3) it is a safe medicine to increase staying power without using intoxicating drugs. It increases production of sperms and is very good tonic.

    Divya Madhunashini Vati

    Main Constituents : Amrata, Jamun, Kutaki, Nimba, Chirayata, Gudmaar, karela, Kutaj, Gokchur, Kachoor, Haldi, Kaalmegha, Baboolfali, Kalijiri, Atis, Ashwagandha,Bilva, Triphala, Vatjata etc.

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    It activates pancreas and increases production of insulin and due to this extra glucose is converted into glycogen & thus providing relief to the diabetic

    2) it removes weakness and irritation and gives strength to brain. It relieves numbness of limbs and strengthens nervous system.

    3) it relieves tiredness weakness and tension caused by diabetes

    4) it protects from desire to pass urine repeatedly loss of weight, dimness of vision tingling sensation , tiredness, infection of skin gums & urinary bladder.

    5) it provides resistance power against diseases and gives new hope and self confidence

    Usage & Dosage : 2-2 tablets with breakfast & in evening one hour before food. Or take one hour after breakfast and one hour after evening food with warm water. If you are taking insulin or allopathic medicines get your sugar . tested after use of medhunashini vati for two weeks. Reduce the amount of allopathic medicine slowly as the sugar level comes to normal. amount of madhunashini should also be decreased with decrease of sugar level

    Divya MadhuKalp Vati

    Main Constituents :

    Madhukalp vati is very useful in various diseases

    Divya Mukta Vati

    Main Constituents : Brahmi, Shankhapushpi, Ustekhados, Arjun, Pushkar Mool, Jatamansi, Sarpagandha, Jyotishmati, Vach, Ashwagandha, Motipisti etc.

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    it is totally free from adverse effects & side effects.

    2) it is useful in high blood pressure due to any cause, due to renal ailment or due to heart disease or due to increased cholesterol anxiety, tension or due to hereditary causes & if high blood pressure is associated with insomnia (lack of sleep) anxiety or chest pain or headache all these are relieved by use of only this one medicine.

    3) there is no need to take medicine separately for insomnia (lack of sleep) or anxiety. Persons who have normal sleep their duration of sleep will not increases.

    4) if you are taking some allopathic medicine also you can stop it immediately when you start taking muktavati.

    If you are taking other medicine for a very long time you can reduce it slowly and finally can stop it.

    5) if your high blood pressure is not normalized even with the use of allopathic medicine and it is associated with insomnia and anxiety it will be relieved immediately with muktavati.

    6) Allopathic medicine do not eradicate the cause of high blood pressure while the use of muktavati cause high blood pressure for even in one or one and half year time. Only exceptional case may requires its use for a long time and it has no adverse effect.

    Usage & Dosage :

    if BP is 160/100 or more even with the use of allopathic medicines then take 2 tablets three times a day with fresh water. 2 tablet before breakfast and 2 tablets before lunch and 2 tablets one hour before dinner chew the tablet and drink water over it. When BP starts getting normalized stop allopathic medicine and take 2 tablets twice a day.

    if BP is 140/100 with use of allopathic medicine start 2 tablet of muktavati twice a day when BP is normalized stop allopathic medicine .

    NOTE: if you are taking allopathic medicine for BP keep on measure your BP once you start taking muktavati, When BP is normalized without allopathic medicine stop taking allopathic medicine. if you are taking allopathic medicine for a very long time, reduce its quantity slowly and then stop it, Take 2-2 tablets of muktavati for some time and when BP is normalized then start 2-1 then 1-1 . After some time Bp will below 120/80 only with one tablet per day then take 1-1 tablet two times in a week and then stop it. It means you are cured .

    Diet : take light and easily digestible food. Take 2-4 glass of water after getting up in the morning.

    Divya Medha Kwath

    Main Constituents : Bramhi, Shankhpushpi, Ashwagandha, Jatamansi, Ustekhaddos, MalKangni, Saunf, Gaajva etc.

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    Chronic headache migraine, insomnia, depression, are relieved by its use. It improves memory also.

    Usage & Dosage :

    Make kwath and drink in morning and evening. Use of medhavati with it gives better result.

    Divya Medha Vati

    Main Constituents : Bramhi, Shankhpushpi, Vacha,Jyotismati, Ashwagandha, Jatamansi Ustekhaddos, Pushpkar Mool, Praval Pisti, Moti Pisti and Chandi Bhasam etc.

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    it is useful in brain diseases ,weakness, of memory, headache, insomnia, irritability, epilepsy and keeps the mind pacified.

    2) Dreamful sleep and depression due to negative thoughts & anxiety is relived by its use and self confidence is increased

    3) it is a good tonic to students and persons doing mental work.

    4)It is also useful in old age when there is weakness of memory or something is forgotten suddenly. It is successful and safe medicine.

    Usage & Dosage : 1-2 tablets morning empty stomach with milk or after breakfast with water or in evening after food with milk or water.

    Divya Amrata Rasayan Awaleh

    Main Constituents : Amala Pisti, Godhrata, Keshar, Bramhi, Shankhpushpi, Badaam, Vanshalochan, Ela, Daalchini, Shatavar, Kaunch seed, Paval Pisti etc.

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    1)it provides complete nutrition to brain. It improves intelligence has cooling effect gives energy and strength to all organs of the body.

    2) it nourishes the body, good for eyes and is very beneficial for use during summer months

    3) this is good tonic for students and intellectuals

    Usage & Dosage : –2 teaspoon (10 to 12 grms), in morning and evening with milk it can be eaten with bread as sauce

    Divya Medohar Vati

    Main Constituents : Shudh Guggulu, Shilajeet Sat, Harad, Baheda, Amala, Kutki, Punarnavamool, Nishoth, Vaividag, etc.

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    : it improves week digestion and extra fat disposition of body is reduced and make body beautiful, glorious, & energetic

    2) by its use deformity of thyroid function arthritis joint pains backache, pain of knee joints etc are relieved.

    3) it controls extra fat deposition in the body and strengthens bones etc. It does not have any adverse effects.

    Usage & Dosage : Usage: 1-1 or 2-2 tablets according to body weight , twice or trice a day half hour before food or one hour after food with Luke warm water. Consumption of sugar and fat should be stopped. Take like warm water in more quantity. Do not take fried food & fat during its use.

    Divya Shwasari Ras

    Main Constituents : Praval Pisti, Abhrak Bhasam, Mukta Shukti Bhasam, Tankan Bhasam, Sfatika Bhasam, Karpdak Bhasam, Shring Bhasam, Shudh Mainshil, Akarkara mool, Lavang, Daalchini, Shudh Vatsanaabh, Trikuta Divya Chooran chooran, Kakada, Singi, Madhuyasti, Rudantifal etc.

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    it activates the tissues of lungs swelling of bronchioles and lungs is reduced. So lungs get more amount of oxygen. Patient is relieved of problems like bronchitis.

    2) Cough deposited in lings comes out easily by its continuous use , new cough formation is stopped.

    3)by its use resistance power of lungs is built up. Cough cold asthma , harness of head sinusitis etc are especially benefited. It is a good tonic for lungs.

    Usage & Dosage :

    unto 500 mg to 1 gm, twice or thrice a day before food with honey or Luke warm water can be taken. It can be taken after food also. If attack of asthma is severe then mix 50 gram swasari ras plus 10 gm shring bhasam, plus 10 gm abhrak bhasam plus 10 gram praval pisti mix properly and take in above quantity for immediate relief.

    Divya Stri Rasayan

    Main Constituents : Putrajeevak, White Chandan, Kamal, Daruhaldi, Vanshlochan, Praval Pisti, Shilajeet, Shatavar, Shivlingi seed, Paras, Pipal, Mulathi, Triphala, Ambardhaan, beejband, Amala, Ashoka, Mayurpichh Bhasam, Nagkeshar, Ashwagandha, Devdaru, Shudh Guggulu etc.

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    All diseases of females. Eg. Leuhcorea, blood discharge, irregulation of men cycles backache and Petro inflammatory disease are relieved.

    2)It is useful in excessive blooding P/V by its use over some time all diseases for females are cured.

    3)blemsheron face, dark circles below eyes, tiredness weakness etc are removed by its use

    Usage & Dosage :

    1-2 tablets twice or trice a day, after food with milk or water.

    Divya Hridyamrat

    Main Constituents : Arjun chaal, Amrata, Ashwagandha, Rasana, Nirgundi, Punarnava, Chitrak, Nagar Motha, Heerak Bhasam, Shring Bhasam, Akik, pisti, Sangyeysav pisti, Chandi Bhasam, Sat Shilajeet, Shudh Guggulu etc.

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    Main its use gives strength heart, it removes blockage of arteries. It controls cholesterol formation.

    2) Recurrent chest pain (Angina) is relived immediately by its use.

    3) Inactive cells of heart are activated again, anxiety is relieved and efficiency of heart were improved.

    4)it correct blockage in arteries and keeps heart fit.

    5)if you have undergone bypass operation of heart even then you can take the divya hardymrit to keep the heart fit.

    Usage & Dosage :

    1-2 tablets in morning & evening with milk or Luke warm water or with kwath of arjuna chaal. Arjun chaal 2-3 gram is to be boiled in one cup milk plus one cup of water when it is reduced to half filter it and then take the medicine with it. Arjun chaal can be boiled in water only without milk. Similarly if you are taking allopathic medicines then as your heart becomes healthy reduce the quantity of allopathic medicines , with consultation of your physician/ doctor.

    Divya Vatari Chooran

    Main Constituents : Saunth, Ashwagandha, Surnjaan Meethi, Kuaki, Methi etc.

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    : By use of this chooran all kinds of neuritis asthetis are cured. It relieves pain and it also relieves abuts sciatica backache etc.

    Usage & Dosage :

    2 to 4 gm powder with warm water or milk after food twice a day.

    Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati

    Main Constituents : Shilajeet, Ashwagandha, Bhoomi Amala, Triphala etc.

    Major Medicinical Properties : it affects nerves of kidneys and somniferous ducats . it relieves valt, gives energy and nourishes sperms.

    Usage & Dosage : 2-2 tablets with milk or Luke warm water after meals.

    Divya Sarvakalp Kwath

    Main Constituents : Punarnava, bhoomi Amala, Amalta, Makoya etc.

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    Its use gives strength to liver and liver starts functioning properly.

    2) consumption if contaminated food and harmful drinks like cold drinks and tea etc make deposition of toxins inside the body., These toxins reduce activity of liver cause jaundice, and its very complicated stage like Hepatitis B & C condition develops liver. Sarvakalp kwath protects liver from such chronic condition like Hepatitis B or C and activates liver.


    By its use jaundice liver enlargement, oliguria (passing less quantity of urine), swelling

    of body, pain in abdomen, indigestion of food etc are relieved.

    Usage & Dosage :

    one teaspoonful (5 gms) kwath is to be boiled in 300 gm water when ¼ water is left filter it and should be taken in the same way in evening one hour before food or at the time of going to bed . If there is constipation put 8-10 munakaka in it.

    Divya Kantilep

    Main Constituents : Mehendi Beej, Aama Haldi, Haldi, Majeeth, Jayfal, White Chandan, Sugandh Bala, Sfatik Bhasam, Samudra fane, Katha, Kapoor etc.

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    : application of this lep relieves all problems of skin eg. Acne, wrinkles, over face, dullness or blackish ness of skin. Its continuous application makes the skin healthy and natural beauty of skin restored.

    Usage & Dosage : make paste with one teaspoonful powder plus water plus gulab jal (Rose Water ) plus unboiled milk. Apply the paste on face and leave for 3-4 hours then wash it with Luke warm water.

    Divya Shilajeet Sat

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    About shilajit it is written in Shashta’s “Na Soasti rogon , bhoovi sadhya roopah shila nriyam “ means there is no disease in this world caused due to dysfunction of Ras Dhatu which can not be caused by the use if shilajit. Shilajit is best rasayan to make the body healthy. It cures all chronic disease like diabetes , obesity & weakness due to it .It gives energy to the body.

    2) It is effective medicine for cold , cough, allergy, asthma, weakness of lungs T.B. weakness of liver, Physical weakness, Dhaturog, diabetes etc.

    3) Both male & female can use it. It increases resistance power of the body.

    Usage & Dosage :1) One to two drops should be taken with milk. In summer take only equal to a moong seed, because shilajeet available in ashram is pure and very effective.

    During winter equal to one or two gram seed. It can be taken with Luke warm water or milk also

    Divya Mukta Pisti

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    Mukta pisti is useful in weakness headache ,increase of PITTA , burning sendation & disunion (burning sensation in passing urine ) moti (pearl) is cool in property.Its use reduces increased pitta and acidity immediately. It improves vision in eyes, It stops burning of urinary passage & increase of PITTA. It is useful in increase pulse rate & palpitation & insomnia (lack of sleep) . Excessive anger over exertion work in night time, working in sun light, consumption of food cause aggravation of PITTA .Lack of interest in work etc are relieved by its use.

    Usage & Dosage :

    one to four ratti with butter malai or honey or chywanprash, gulkand, amala murrabba brahmi sharbat etc.

    Divya Swarna Bhasam

    1)Gold is a precious metal Its bhasm is useful in many physical and mental diseases. It works as miracle in many diseases, TB chronic fever, nervous debility etc can be cured with use of gold bhasm.

    2) medicine containing gold bhasm are useful for cases of poisoning, general debility, disablating gout, kalagar fever, mdaria fever, patient very weak and who are not improving by any other medicines

    It is effective cure in many diseases and does not cause …. It purifies blood, nourishes heart and have a healthy effect over brain, kidneys, & all parts of the body. It rejuvenates body and brain and heart. It increases resistance power in body & nervous various toxin from body.

    Divya Chawayanprash Awaleh

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    1) it is a good rasayan for sick and healthy persons both.

    2) it cures physically and mental weakness due to any reason. It gives power to lungs and heart. It cures cough and nourishes body.

    3) it nourish seven dhatoo of body and gives energy and intelligence.

    it can be used by all diseases irrespective of age and sex.

    Usage & Dosage :

    one to two teaspoonful , or one and a half or two and half tola should be taken twice a day drink milk after ½ an hour

    Divya Chandraprabha Vati

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    1) it is a famous medicine for urinary diseases.

    2) it cures increased prostate gland, dysuria, joint pain, gout , cervical, spondylstes, sciatica, weakness, stones, fistula, thydowcoela, jaundice, piles, backache, etc,. it enhances amount of water in body and nourishing it.

    3) it gives energy & nourishing to the body.

    It controls all bad effects due to excessive semen loss or excessive bleeding in ladies. It also controls weakness, aleness of face, indigestion, fatigue, sunken eyes, loss of appetite etc.

    Usage & Dosage :

    1-1 or 2-2 tablets twice or thrice a day can be taken with luck warm water or milk after taking food, it can be taken with other medicine also according to need of the patient.

    Divya VasantKusumakar Ras

    Usage & Dosage :

    1)2 to 4 ratties with butter , malai, honey or milk in morning & evening

    2) by its use weakness of heart and lungs, and mental weakness, delusion, weakness of memory, insomnia, chronic pitta, cough, bronchitis, ageing effects Anemia are cured and it is good for weakness resulting after illness in old age.

    3) it is a famous medicine for diabetes

    Divya Badampak

    Major Medicinical Properties :

    1) it is a nourishing rasayan . by its use weakness of brain & heart , pitta disease & eye diseases are cured.

    2) it is a miracle medicine of headache persons engaged in mental work will be much benefited by its use.

    3) it nourishes body it is very useful

    Usage & Dosage :

    1 –2 tola to be taken with cow milk or water in morning & evening.

    If any of the Aurvedic Medicines of D Y Mandir Trust of Swami Ramdev is not available online, please wait for a day & then recheck.

    Now Available online for Worldwide Delivery at

  22. Anonymous12:00 PM

    "Yoga Pranayama have been
    successful in curing 200 cancer patients" - Swami Ramdev in "Yog Sandesh" (English) September 2006 issue, of Swami Ramdev Ji's Trust in India.

    Cancer is a class of diseases or disorders characterized by uncontrolled
    division of cells and the ability of these cells to invade other tissues,
    either by direct growth into adjacent tissue through invasion or by
    implantation into distant sites by metastasis. Metastasis is defined as the
    stage in which cancer cells are transported through the bloodstream or
    lymphatic system. Cancer may affect people at all ages, but risk tends to
    increase with age, due to the fact that DNA damage becomes more apparent in
    aging DNA. It is one of the principal causes of death in developed

    I quote from page 55 of the monthly magazine "Yog Sandesh" (English)
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    The ancient science is also beneficial in case of AIDS and experiments are
    being carried out in that area. He would make formal announcement once the
    tests are completed". Swami Ji said, "Till now I have completed more than
    ten thousand scientific experiments. The patients of diabetes, obesity,
    hypertension, depression, can take part in the seven-day camp and check the
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    This magazine is also available along with Yog Sandesh all the 18 Back
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    This is not a myth.

    Western world is recognising this now, as most of the request for holding
    his week long camps are coming from Western world. It is no joke that Queen
    Elizabeth II of U K, invited Swami Ramdev to a tea party on the first day of
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    God helps those, who help themselves with Yoga Pranayama & proper diet.

    May God bless you all with good health.

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  23. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Maharishi Ramdev's teachings are as per Hindu scriptures and make sense in this modern era. I remember a TV program where he commented on how people have forgotten to breathe. It is so true. Medically it is proven that lack of oxygen makes one feel sleepy, tired and also gives a headache.

    He is in news again where he is asking everyone to keep away from cola and junk food. We are forgetting our culture of offering Chai, Coffee, lassi, nimbu pani to our guests instead now we offer, orange or translucent.

    The rich and developed countries have also realised the negative effects of colas and now want to get away from it and junk food due to high obesity amongst people in these countires.

    It is an individual responsibility to exercise caution and understand what is good or bad for health.

  24. Dear Organizers at Art of Living, New Jersey: number of intellectuals, philanthropists, defenders of Peace, Freedom and Civil Right activists like Guru Shri Ravi Shankar Ji with greater eloquence and more original minds than I posses has spoken on these issues of World Peace, Racial Equality, Social Justice, Liberty and Equal Justice for All.

    You may not endorse or support my religious, political or other views, whatever they may, in fact be. I fully respect and honor your judgments because you are entitled to them, at least in America, to freely express your views on any subject. In fact I will defend your right to do so even though your views may be diametrically opposed to mine.

    I respectfully disagree with the Organizers the way Art of Living workshop (2-15-07 to 2-20-07) at New Jersey was conducted. Respected Anand Ji & other teachers are superb in teaching breathing exercises and different yogic Kriyas but rest of the contents does not fit with the philosophy of Guru Ravi Shankar Ji or Vedic Education on human values.

    What good is that able body and able mind with all kinds of means, who can not stand up for their own dignity, respect, honor & basic human rights and for the same for less fortunate or for the community they belong to? What good are such able body, mind and affluent individuals who do not believe in racial equality, social justice, peace, liberty & justice to all? These basic human values are not an issue for discussions/print only. If you believe in the basic human values than you must defend them for your self and for others.

    In the workshop in addition to teaching “I will do it for my mind, body & soul, I will defend true human values” must be taught. We must understand it is the duty of every one who are more fortunate than others to give some of their talent, time and money to defend human values before and after retirement at community, state or national level.

    Vedic Education is not Hindu Religion. In fact Hinduism is not a religion; it is a way of life honoring & defending true human values by balancing mind, body & soul. All along its history it is the Shatriya’s like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Godess Durga & Guru Nanak Dev Ji with his 10 incarnations who have been worshiped and are still worshiped. History tells Priest/Pundit/Guru has never been worshiped. They have always been highly respected and honored. There are incidents in history where the disciples have given up their lives for them. Priests/Pundits/Guru worships Shatriya’s as defenders of true human values with divine spiritual arms Lord Rama bow & arrow, Lord Krishna Sudershan Chakra, Lord Shiva Trishul, Godess Durga Sword, Maze, Chakra & Trishul, Guru Gobind Singh Ji the 10th incarnation of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Sword and spread their teachings in the society. A Shatriya can use divine arms as per Vedic teachings to honor & defend true human values; racial equality, social justice, peace, liberty & justice to all.

    We all know; we can not unite people with one Religion and neither can we unite them with one Culture. Education especially Vedic Education preached by Guru Shri Ravi Shankar Ji is the most powerful tool with which we can unite people of different or no faith, a city, a state, a country and the entire world. America & India where the people are the government they do not get rid of their burdens by attempting to unload them on their government. With knowledge from ancient Vedic Education being spread around the world by Guru Ravi Shankar Ji, let us defend together true human values to bring racial equality, social justice, liberty, justice, prosperity & peace to every human in the world.
    God Bless the Universe and every human on this earth.
    2-24-07 Dave Makkar

  25. I had no knowledge of Yog before 7 years. I learned yog from one of the masters in Yog and Ayurved. I was suffering from High cholesterol, Traumatism, mental depression and stomach ulcer. My family doctor used to give me many costly Allopathic drugs. My death was almost near. At that time, I was introduced with Yog and I started marching towards healthy body and mind. Today I am quite healthy. I am releived from almost all kind of physical deficiencies. I am not taking any Allopathic medicine. I hardly use any other medicine too and if needed, I take either Ayurvedic or Chinese remedies only. What Baba Ramdevji is saying or preaching is 100% truth and I can say from my experience that he is the light of healthy life! People without knowledge and experience just speak out against genuine people like Baba Ramdevji and making negative comments-just for commenting is not proper and beneficial to the suffering people!

  26. I had no knowledge of Yog before 7 years. I learned yog from one of the masters in Yog and Ayurved. I was suffering from High cholesterol, Traumatism, mental depression and stomach ulcer. My family doctor used to give me many costly Allopathic drugs. My death was almost near. At that time, I was introduced with Yog and I started marching towards healthy body and mind. Today I am quite healthy. I am releived from almost all kind of physical deficiencies. I am not taking any Allopathic medicine. I hardly use any other medicine too and if needed, I take either Ayurvedic or Chinese remedies only. What Baba Ramdevji is saying or preaching is 100% truth and I can say from my experience that he is the light of healthy life! People without knowledge and experience just speak out against genuine people like Baba Ramdevji and making negative comments-just for commenting is not proper and beneficial to the suffering people!

  27. I had no knowledge of Yog before 7 years. I learned yog from one of the masters in Yog and Ayurved. I was suffering from High cholesterol, Traumatism, mental depression and stomach ulcer. My family doctor used to give me many costly Allopathic drugs. My death was almost near. At that time, I was introduced with Yog and I started marching towards healthy body and mind. Today I am quite healthy. I am releived from almost all kind of physical deficiencies. I am not taking any Allopathic medicine. I hardly use any other medicine too and if needed, I take either Ayurvedic or Chinese remedies only. What Baba Ramdevji is saying or preaching is 100% truth and I can say from my experience that he is the light of healthy life! People without knowledge and experience just speak out against genuine people like Baba Ramdevji and making negative comments-just for commenting is not proper and beneficial to the suffering people!

  28. I had no knowledge of Yog before 7 years. I learned yog from one of the masters in Yog and Ayurved. I was suffering from High cholesterol, Traumatism, mental depression and stomach ulcer. My family doctor used to give me many costly Allopathic drugs. My death was almost near. At that time, I was introduced with Yog and I started marching towards healthy body and mind. Today I am quite healthy. I am releived from almost all kind of physical deficiencies. I am not taking any Allopathic medicine. I hardly use any other medicine too and if needed, I take either Ayurvedic or Chinese remedies only. What Baba Ramdevji is saying or preaching is 100% truth and I can say from my experience that he is the light of healthy life! People without knowledge and experience just speak out against genuine people like Baba Ramdevji and making negative comments-just for commenting is not proper and beneficial to the suffering people!

  29. I had no knowledge of Yog before 7 years. I learned yog from one of the masters in Yog and Ayurved. I was suffering from High cholesterol, Traumatism, mental depression and stomach ulcer. My family doctor used to give me many costly Allopathic drugs. My death was almost near. At that time, I was introduced with Yog and I started marching towards healthy body and mind. Today I am quite healthy. I am releived from almost all kind of physical deficiencies. I am not taking any Allopathic medicine. I hardly use any other medicine too and if needed, I take either Ayurvedic or Chinese remedies only. What Baba Ramdevji is saying or preaching is 100% truth and I can say from my experience that he is the light of healthy life! People without knowledge and experience just speak out against genuine people like Baba Ramdevji and making negative comments-just for commenting is not proper and beneficial to the suffering people!

  30. Anonymous11:24 AM

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