Saturday, October 09, 2010

Design my next cover!

My third book will be released on January 26, 2011. The title is 'I Have a Dream', inspired by the famous speech given by Martin Luther King (may Steve Jobs now rest in peace :)

I chose this title because it reflects the spirit of my book. 'I Have a Dream' features the stories of 20 social entrepreneurs, amazing men and women who have devoted their life to making life better for others.

But, using tools and techniques of business and entrepreneurship.

The book is 99% complete, but there's a small hitch. I need a cover!

I do have a few designs, but none of them has given that 'wow this is the one!' feeling. And so, with faith and hope in my talented young readers, I throw open the cover to you - to design.

What are the elements?

Title: "I Have a Dream"

Author: Rashmi Bansal

Strap line I From the author of the bestsellers 'Stay Hungry Stay Foolish' and 'Connect the Dots'

Strap line II The inspiring stories of 20 social entrepreneurs who found new ways to solve old problems.

Any other guidelines?
None. You can place the elements as you like. Use the background and colour scheme you like. Use a graphic element, or choose not to.

I am giving you a free canvas - to create something which is hat ke. I will know it is the right cover when I see it and fall in love at first sight.

How to submit
As a jpg, or pdf - mail the attachment along with your contact details (phone, email & 2 lines about you) to

If your cover is selected you will get credits in the book. And a cash prize of Rs 5000, as well.

Last date: Monday Oct 25th. But the sooner you send the better. If I like one of the early submissions I may just close the contest right then and there :)

Look forward to opening my mailbox and finding a beautiful surprise...


  1. what is the size of the book ?

    also, there a reason why you are veering off from the 'white background / title in red' design of your previous two books ?

  2. @Rashmi Bansal: Thanks for this opportunity. A friend of mine sent his design. He became a part of the world and lost it all - the creativity. Somehow this opportunity made him start designing again. Thanks.

    @Kihba: isnt that great that she is veering off from those bland designs? It would add to the feel in the book. The cover design might actually have the effect like those of Fountainhead, Shantaram have!

  3. You ditched vatsa?

  4. hey Rashmi,
    That is nice.
    We will keep a tab on the updates of this page.

    Already added your contest to the events page, will write a report for people to check it out as well.

    Good luck with your new book.

  5. Hi Rashmi,

    As Kihba asked you in earlier comment, what is the size of the book?

  6. Okay!!! :)
    Btw how about them for your next book.! ? :)

  7. Mam,

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    Abhilash Veeru Ruhela

  8. I hope you keep it open till 25th, working on a couple of designs :)


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