Friday, May 22, 2009

CAs & aspirants - call in with your queries!

Update: Tonight's show is cancelled because of the UPA swearing-in ceremony. But it will be on - next week. So do send in yr queries to me at rashmi_b at - do make sure to send yr contact no!

Chartered Accounting is the subject of my show 'Stay Hungry' where I answer career queries every Friday on business news channel UTVi.

If you're a CA or aspiring to be on, Call UTVi on 022 40987300 and leave your name, number and question. We'll call you back! The show will be on this evening at 7 pm - live.

Joining me in the studio is B C Jain, a chartered accountant and chairman of the Western India Regional Council of the ICAI.

Apart from CA, if you have questions on related careers like CS, ICWA, CPA or even CFA, feel free to call and clear up your doubts.

By the way, I just discovered a startling statistic - of every 1000 people who give the CA a shot, only 8 will eventually qualify. Of course pass percentages vary from year to year but you expect to ragdofy a fair bit, before you get there!


  1. Hey Rashmi you gotta be kidding.. you didn't knew CA exam was tough? It's been so for ages.. all in all a good attempt.

  2. It used to have a very low pass rate, but since 2006 the Institute has been passing just about everybody! In a company that employs lots of fresh CA's I can surely say that the quality of people coming out has deteriorated terribly. They lack both technical and communictaion skills. My theory is that ICAI found itself losing out to the good management institutes in terms of enrollments. I'd hire an MBA from a good institute over a CA anyday. The course is too theoretical and does not prepare you for the challenges of the real world, not unless you intern with one of the big 4 firms.

  3. @saltwater blues

    Well the pass rate is still low although not as low as it used to be.

    The skill set of a CA is different from that of an MBA. So, the question of hiring an MBA over a CA doesn't make sense.

    We all know how students get into BIG 4 for articleship.

    I am a CA final student.

  4. @ Mayos Noun -

    Rashmi is too much about management schools and that is reflected in her blog all-over .

    Sometimes I feel this blog need to be renamed from "youthcurry" to IIMcurry

  5. I would say that we can't compare professional accountants (i.e Chartered Accountants (ACA)and Cost and Work Accountants in India)to MBA graduates, even those who specialize in finance.

    Why? Well both are trained to different stuff, while professional accountants learn hard core accountancy, which is a branch of finance, but an important one which overlaps with many other areas of importance like Auditing, budgeting, modeling etc.

    On the other hand MBA may have good communication skills and more over all knowledge than

    Both have its own plus and minuses. You can never use an MBA for auditing, you need the knowledge of a CA. When knowledge counts rocks. When communication skills and others are counted MBAs rocks.. this is a general perceptions, not that CA/CWAs can't communicate.


    Another think I want to mention is other professional accountancy qualifications like ACCA(UK), CMA(USA) and CIMA(UK). They are also getting hold in India. I find them both ( ACCA, CIMA) more flexible (no group system, offering practicing license in UK, inbuilt degree programmes for trainees just out of school, further education oppurtunities etc)and relevant (IFRS,IAS, ISA and other international standards)etc.

    If you are looking for careers abroad, especially in EU, you might want to check them also.


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