Friday, January 30, 2009

BC New Song

Remember Zeest - the guys behind the cult hit Sutta song? This morning an earnest, ungrammatical but sweetly worded email from the band landed in my inbox.

Subject: "A Treat for the Current Global Recession"

After a very long anticipation, Zeest finally managed to release their New Demo Song "100 Rupai". The song is a story of a financially frustrated Indo-Pak's youth life.

At these financial hard times throughout the world, we pray to have an economic prosperity & growth throughout South Asia.

Skip, Umair and rest of the Zeest Team Would like to Thanks to all the fans throughout the world, for providing us the ultimate support. No matter what age, gender & social group you belonged, you guys gave us the hope to work, even after facing so many barriers in our way.

Well, I rushed to download the song from their website and eagerly pressed play. What I heard was so terribly mediocre it honestly made me sad. Agreed, BC Sutta was not a musical masterpiece but it had spunk. It had a voice.

100 rupiah is pop music 'sub prime'!


  1. Well I must say that if you are an artist then for every new performance you need to start from the beginning and put in equal amount of hard-work as you did for the first time.

  2. Great post mam...U r a gem....I love to read all ur posts...Please keep writting for us...

  3. Finally to have sutta we need 100 rupai. I like it. check out mine also.
    but really i am your fan yaar. Do you have any contact info about ZEAST.

    Par in the end this thing comes Behnchod sutta na mila

  4. I like it. Mostly because we get very few equivalent songs, taking about contemporary life. Which is the last one you remember by the way?

    And listen to it more often. It will grow on you. It is not going to be a club hit like BC Sutta, but many people will understand and identify with it.

  5. I think BC Sutta was a cult hit, particularly on campuses and hostels and parties... I like the original slow song (although remixes was what I heard most, on campus)

  6. yeah! I heard the new song it doesn't match to the expectations.

  7. I have seen ur blog since ages,,since the last anti iit post..
    I guess both of us are biased.
    Nevertheless the last post was sweet.
    Thanx a lot for the link.
    I guess Sutta was a legend for the reasons everybody knows.. ..but then we need to give it some time..this one though has neat lyrics..

  8. use ur brain. this songs lyrics are almost same as sutta but without any explicit words. the only difference betwin sutta n 100 rupai is music. lyrics and melody is very good even the guitar work is excellent. yes this song is not good as sutta but lyrics are almost equal u cant rate it !

  9. but personally i like dis song too :)


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