Thursday, August 14, 2008

iPhone: are you waiting for it?

The iPhone is all set to launch in India (officially) on August 22. Or wait, it's the new Apple iPhone 3G.

Seems like the world and their uncle is waiting for it. Many folks planning to change their phone have postponed the purchase, wanting to check out this baby first.

Well, I might have been one of those except my trusty old Nokia 6670 absolutely gave up in the month of May. So I bought a Nokia N82. Having used it for two months I must say, it is a great phone.

And here is where I think N82 scores over iPhone:
- Amazing camera. 5 megapixel, with excellent picture quality
iPhone has a relatively lallu camera of 2 megapixels and no video recording function.

- Sturdy and durable like all Nokia products. You need to drop it ten times to get one crack. Same cannot be said about Apple products. I own an ipod Touch and it is a beautiful but delicate piece of work!

- iPhone is supposed to be great for using email. Well, the N82 also offers a great experience. You can log into any email account or website with ease.

- IPod Touch does not have a great battery life. Maybe the iPhone is better? N82, I am satisfied.

- N82 features Nokia maps. I haven't explored the feature much but it seems promising. IPhone also has maps with GPS, maybe it's better. But I don't see maps as a 'killer application'.

Where iPhone scores is beauty. You look at it and fall in love.
N82, like most Nokia products is dowdy. Brick-like.

iPhone dekh kar kuch kuch hota hai.
And for that reason - despite technical shorfalls - it will sell.

How much it sells depends upon hardware pricing and airtime plans offered (you have to buy the phone and the plan in a bundle). N82 costs Rs 19,000 odd. Price of iPhone in India not known yet!

I am a huge Nokia fan but can't fathom WHY their phones are so.. bad looking. Forget design., the N82 is offered only in two colours - silver and black. I would have been much happier with a red, pink, blue or whatever. Some choice.

It's not about producing fashion phones and smart phones.. Every phone you put out must be smart AND fashionable.

Until then, Nokia will remain 'ugly' and iPhone will drive customers pagli. May the customer fall in love and not live to regret it... May the best phone experience win!


  1. I feel iphone is cool than N82. No doubt about it being a style statement.

    Vaise at the end of the day. Insann phone leta hai baat karne ke liye..

  2. I agree with you.

  3. hi Rashmi,
    I live in France, a regular visitor of your Blog and an iPhone 3G user.
    Let me tell you of my iPhone.
    The second generation iphone comes at half the price as the first and hence the pricing in India could be in the range of 14k for the 16 Gb version and about 11k for the 8 Gb variant. The battery backup is good, comes for about 3-4 hrs if on 3G, Now this is also similar with other nokia products as 3G needs lot of power. You can get better life if you are in Wi-Fi zone (iPhone switches between 3G and Wi-Fi automatically).
    Talking about picture quality, it is definitely not as bad as it sounds, will send you a pic that I took in Germany for you judgement.
    And iPhone comes with killers applications, iPod ,iTunes and many more which no other phone can boast of.
    To conclude , I think iPhone is atleast about 2 years ahead of any other phone available today. Just wait and see how the gadget captures the Indian minds :)

    Kashyap Karnala
    Sent from my iPhone.

  4. Hey Rashmi,

    I find this post a delightful coincidence. I bought an N82 last month after deciding against an iPhone. Here was my reasoning ("Why I won't be buying the iPhone 3G"):

    * You can't run applications in the background - only one-at-a-time.
    * Poor battery life; no replaceable battery
    * Touchscreen keyboard (no good for heavy text/email users)
    * No support for copy and paste - need an external application for that.
    * Poor camera ( you discussed that).
    * No capability to be used as a modem with a computer/laptop.
    * Bundled with an operator and a plan (won't be able to keep current plan).

    Three updates since I wrote the post:
    * Apple has admitted at can disable applications that it deems malicious on your iPhone remotely. Not sure how many customers will be comfortable with that.
    * 3G performance has been notoriously poor - not a happy sign for someone who's been eagerly awaiting 3G rollout in India for a year.
    * The base model will cost Rs. 31000 in India. That's way too high for what you're getting in the box.

    Rahul Gaitonde.

    PS: And I used a Nokia 6670 back in 2005-06 too :)

  5. The iPhone does convey a certain image of the user as well - tech saavy / young / 'social'/ 'media type' etc. However, in the formal business world (eg. banking) you wouldnt want to be caught dead with something like an iPhone. The iPhone is cool and young but not classy and rich.

  6. I ma using iPhone since january but I am lovig itt ..

    I am also a huge fan of Nokia .. Before iPhone, I have never used any other phone than nokia but iPhone is iPhone .. ofcourse it has got the bunch of shortcutes but no pian no gain ..

    But I am happy ..

  7. * shortcomes **

    A typo in my last comment ..

  8. Just a few notes:
    1) iPhone scored pretty well in the durability tests. Just search for them on YouTube. It survived lots of scratching by car keys, drops of over 5 feet, etc. However, you wouldn't want to risk having any scratch on the body and will probably go with a cover. Unfortunately, all iPhone covers available on the market are even uglier than Nokia cell phones!
    2) iPhone has horrible battery life. Normal users have to recharge it once everyday. Power users have to recharge it 2~3 times a day.
    3) Maps on iPhone is a killer app. Use it once and you will agree. Its way too easier than conventional cell phones.
    4) There are obviously other shortcmomings like no flash, no Video/MMS, no copy-paste, etc.

    Just make sure you are aware of these before you make that purchase.

  9. GPS is an application that will not make much noise in India. There are people around you, no matter where you are. You ask them where you are, and how to get where you want to get to, and what are you choices for lunch.
    In the US, you often drive 50 miles and spot only 2 cars on the way.

    In India, people prefer multifunctional devices (Phone+camera+music player+Electric Razor+nail polish remover+Hair dryer+FM player+Cricket bails+...) In US, people prefer getting individual devices - no cricket bails for them, though.

    Apple's phone has so far tried to stick to the American side of the story.

    That possibly explains why you don't have video, and MMS on it.

    I bought a DSLR from Canon, and that doesn't have video on it either. :(

    In fact most phones sold in the US before the iPhone were awful. A good number were flip phones (read: moving components = shorter life) They had bad design and poor UI.

    The iPhone is possibly the first phone that really changed the way people interact with their phone. I still don't see someone coming up with a phone that beats the iPhone at it.

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