Friday, August 15, 2008

Bachna ae Haseeno - 3.5 stars

As I walked out of the paid preview show of Bachna ae Haseeno, I messaged a friend who was watching the same show in Bangalore: 3.5 stars

He replied back: Ur a suckr for romance to give such a high rating!

Well, maybe. As readers of this blog would know I am a tad generous with ratings simply because I review films not for their artistic appeal but for three hours of time well-whiled-away.

If a film does not make me squirm in my seat, make me wish I was elsewhere it will get a 3 on 5 from me. The .5 extra is for Deepika and well, more on that in a bit.

Bachna ae Haseeno is the story of Raj (Ranbir Kapoor), a guy who believes in hamesha but woh hamesha hamesha kind of hamesha nahin. The first half of the film is about the many hearts he breaks.

The first is Mahi, a kudi from Amritsar (Minissha Lamba), who he meets on the Eurail train (a spoof of sorts on the Raj & Simran saga of DDLJ). The second is Radhika, a babe who roams around Mumbai only in tiny shorts (Bipasha Basu) who just happens to be his next door neighbour.

The first dumping is sad, the second truly bad (He fails to show up for the wedding!).

Scene shifts to Australia where Raj lives it up with foreign mems until he meets Gayatri (Deepika Padukone). Taxi driver by night, bschool student by day. And in between she even works at the supermarket checkout. Yeah it is a bit much to swallow except Deepika is SO classy. So convincing.

Raj proposes, Gayatri disposes:"Sorry, maine shuru se hi tumhe kaha tha. I don't believe in marriage".

The second half of the film shifts gears and gets into emosional mode, as Raj decides he should go back and say sorry to the two girls he treated so badly. Because he now knows what it's like to be rejected.

So we have maafi-maafi, shaava-shaava in Punjab and then waiter-waiter, dance-for-me in Italy The climax features a taxi, and an airplane (but only in the background). And well, we walk out of the theatre feeling mildly happy.

The thing is, this could have been a rollicking film. Unfortunately Ranbir spoils it. He is supposed to be a lovable cad but actually comes across as simply, a cad. Neither is his comic timing anything to speak about. There are witty lines (the one about 9 cows in Switzerland for every 1 human being for example!) but most of the laughs are evoked by his friend 'Sachin'.

I think Saif would have been much better for this role but then he is way too old now.

Of the girls, Minissha is fine, Bipasha is trying too hard to look hot and of course both pale in front of Deepika who is simply outstanding. She has looks, style, acting ability, screen presence - everything.

Baaki well, I have something to say on the theme of the film, but will make a separate post on Monday. By which time most of you who want to watch the film would have done so. And we can get into details :)

P.S. With this, my personal blogathon ends. Have a great Independence Day weekend. And girls, do not tie rakhis to anyone for whom you do not truly have brotherly feelings!


  1. Since, I said I am waitin for ur review, I think I must comment first....ur review turns almost the way I expected it to be. After meeting Ranbir, I was wondering wht ppl wud have to say abt him...U hv got him just the way as had i thot. Infact, I met him just a while before he was leaving for shooting of BAH, and the very next day after our meetin, he and deepika were officially anounced as 'pair' by media and endorsed by both of them...Well, i have some intv bits wid him....temme if u want it? [:)] And njoied ur blogathon.....cheers!

  2. "And girls, do not tie rakhis to anyone for whom you do not truly have brotherly feelings!"

    I love that line...!Kudos Rashmi

  3. Its kind of difficult to carry out roles such as Raj!!! Not just for the actor - but also for the director.

    Indian audience will not accept a hero they do not like and mind you - the protagonist in an Indian film always and always needs to be a hero. Even if its SRK in Baazigar - he is still seen as a hero.

    To make a hero look bad for half the movie but still lovable is a difficult task. Raj of DDLJ can do it coz of his charm. Haven't seen the movie but would like to see if this Raj of BAS can do it!!!

  4. I think the spoof on DDLJ was a fun thing, especially since both ranbir, deepika and minisha would have been pre-adolescent then and have probably grown up on the mushy romance! :D
    On a seperate note, your blogathon loads of fun... :)

    ps: akhil kumar through to the QF of boxing. Paes-Bhupathi out.

  5. In your advice to all the girls contemplating tying rakhis ... You did mean "sisterly" feelings ... naa ???

  6. i will probably go see BAH becos of ur ratings!

  7. NOT worth my Multiplex priced ticket and popcorn..
    [NOT] A very big a letdown simply because I had a bad feeling before entering :-(

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  9. well for the 1st time i dnt agree with ur review coz ranbir was really gud in the movie for a second timer...moreover deepika was good but given her miniscule role u cant really comment on her perf. to outstanding...i think bips was really gud this time and she dominated most of the scenes in which she was present...her performance is worth commending...

  10. What was the P.S. message all about? Didn't get the reason for writing that message down. Could you please comment ?

  11. Minisha Lamba was refreshing, Bipasha trying too Hard.... and Deepika - sadly and more surprisingly - was more stiff than the chopsticks of people here in singapore... grace etc cant hide the rant she made her dialogues into. Someone's got to teach her about punctutions

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