Friday, May 23, 2008

Crimes of India

Details of the gruesome murder of Neeraj Grover were everywhere just yesterday. And we have already moved on to the next episode of this gruesome new reality show called Who-Knows-What-The-Neighbour-Is-Upto: 14 year old Aarushi, and servant Hemraj's murder.

Both are extremely riveting because of the cold bloodedness involved. In the case of Neeraj Grover, the mind boggles at how someone can chop up a body into 300 odd pieces in order to dispose of it. That is, at some level, even worse than the actusl murder .

But a father killing his own child - if true - is absolutely stomach-churning.

Crime is not a new phenomenon and neither is media attention. I don't know how many of you have heard of the Nanavati case where a naval commander killed his wife's paramour on finding out about their affair. Interestingly, the media played a huge role in this case - way back in 1959.

Of course there was no tabloid television back then but its ancestor - the Blitz newspapper - was at the forefront of it all. According to wikipedia:

The incident both shocked and riveted the entire country. Such a crime of passion, as it was termed, was unusual, especially in the upper echelons of the society and that too by a highly decorated officer...

The weekly tabloid Blitz, run by R. K. Karanjia, a Parsi himself, publicised the story, ran exclusive cover stories and openly supported Nanavati, portraying him as a wronged husband and upright officer, betrayed by a close friend.

Blitz painted Nanavati's image, as that of a man representing the ideal middle class values as against Ahuja's playboy image, that symbolised the corruption and sleaze of the bourgeois. A copy of Blitz during the trial sold for Rs.2/- per copy, up from the normal rate of 25 Paise or 0.25 rupee. Peddlers on the street sold 'Ahuja Towels' and toy 'Nanavati Revolvers'

Nanavati was sentenced to life but had enough friends in high places to secure a pardon after serving just 3 years. He emigrated to Canada, where he died in 2003.

The Blitz is no more and there are no 'middle class values' left to defend. If you commit a crime of passion you would rather cover up than give yourself in.

And for all the hype and hoopla about solving cases, what happens to the ones which fade away from the limelight? Like the infamous Maninder Singh Pandher...


  1. I have no clue where is an end to this. And we talk of a civilized society.
    Hearing that the father killed her daughter was the last thing i could have thought i'd hear when am alive, considering the reason.
    She was just 14 yrs old. just. And the biggest tragedy, for what did she die? Had she does to give her dad a great extra marital affair, then ok, atleast he death solved the purpose for what it happened. But now? A beautiful life, just wasted!

  2. Whehever, I read bout dese things... all i feel is 'SAD'..
    helpless.. no matter how sad i feel, i can do nothing bout it.. which is d REALITY.
    Movies lik RDB.. came n went.. inspired a few ppl..and ppl r'mbr it as a good movie ONLY.

    A lot of cases lik dese keep happening every day... but only a few GLAMOROUS and CATCHY ones make it to the headlines...... and then ppl lik u write and ppl lik me comment.. which exactly doesnt help anybody.


    you should read this blog... and also include it in the "blogs I read".... great insight

  4. There is a lot of freedom today.
    consider --- this Mathew guy, when
    he found that there was another guy in his fiancee's apartment
    (so easy for a 27 year old to
    hire an apt. nowadays and entertain anyone anytime) --- he could immediately take a flight and land up in Mumbai within hours. This is in a sense the power of today's modern world. In earlier times, one would have to take a bus or a train, and by then this other guy would have left.

    What Mathew and Maria did not consider is that a similar modern technology that enabled Mathew to reach Mumbai soon, now helped nail them down (cell phone SMS).

    There are just tremendous possibilities in today's world. How one makes use of them --- for
    positive purposes or negative purposes --- is upto one.

    Also, what they dont realize is that their career/life itself is finished now. Spending 10 to 15 years in those horrible jails --- I think death is preferred to that.

    Perhaps, someone should make documentaries on jail life so that people think twice before committing crimes.


  5. Hi rashmi,

    good that you have rsaied the nanavati case and i think the jury system in Indian courts was abolished after this particular case due to a very mild punishment handed out by the jury, if my memory sounds right

  6. What's the big haahoo about? this is not the first time something like this has happened, it's not a recent thing either greek and hindu muthology are full of such incidents. And what does the middle class have to do with it? Evil can reside in any class.

    what is sick is the media sensationalization these stories get. Instead of reporting it as a shameful and grave incident. They report it like a romanchak suspense story.

  7. Crime happens everywhere, its not something new. But whats shameful is the attitude of the people, the people who govern us, the law that is supposed to take care of us. There is a feeling of i-will-get-away-with-anything that remarkably resides in the mindset of every influential Indian. Unless and until this camouflage is gotten rid of, nothing can save Us. Crimes will happen, we will talk, news channels will make moolah, then it will all be forgotten. Then, a new episode will occur and likewwise....

  8. Hi everyone,

    Please lend me your ears for a few moments, will you? Read this
    carefully and send me your views on our new insights on the Real
    Reason behind Aarushi's murder.

    As a 'regular,' normal guy, I was stunned by the brutality of this
    case of a father killing his own teenage daughter... it seemed to
    stump all analyis. Why? I kept asking myself. The strangeness of this
    case left me perplexed. I discussed it for hours every day with my
    girlfriend, who also happens to have considerable years of experience
    in Psychological Crisis-Counselling in Delhi... and and a few days
    ago, my girlfriend came up with her own insight on the real motive
    behind the murder.

    I'm convinced totally now that her theory cracks this case.

    According to her, it was not Dr Talwar, but his WIFE who killed her daughter!
    Why did she do so?
    Because what was going on in her home was even more shocking than a
    male domestic help abusing her daughter... Dr Talwar was raping his
    own daughter!

    This is why he kept saying he'd "been framed for the murder"... HE
    didn't kill his daughter -- his WIFE did!
    On that particular evening, she had witnessed her husband having sex
    with Aarushi ... and as a mother, she couldn't take it.
    She realised that her ONLY way of permanently 'protecting' her child
    from further rape was by knocking her out and quietly slitting her

    This fits with her strange shifty behaviour on TV, where she shows no
    emotion at all: she never even cries, but seems to have rehearsed her
    speech... she "doth protest too much", like Lady Macbeth... in fact
    she looks exactly like Lady Macbeth who can't wash the blood off her OWN

    She kept using giveaway terms like:
    "My daughter has been taken away from us by some ANIMALS... The real
    killers are still out there..." (Every man 'out there' is a potential
    rapist for her now...)

    "MY life is OVER..." (killing one's child is actually like suicide!)

    "It's all so totally disgusting"... (the shockingly disgusting
    reality of Incest!)

    "My husband will not come out of this SANE..." (He is a sexual pervert!)

    Why was Hemraj murdered?
    Because HE was aware of this incest going on in the house for months
    or years... he had been witness to it; for which reason he had been
    threatened by Dr Talwar to keep shut about it, or else he'd kill him.
    This fits too with the fact that their previous male servant Raju, a
    relative of Hemraj, had left this job, but was tracked down and
    'accidentally' killed in a motorcycle 'accident' in January... he knew
    too much too.

    On that fateful evening, this pervert Dr Talwar must have been so
    drunk that he overdid his incestuous abuse... and Aarushi must have
    been protesting and screaming. Hemraj tried to intervene and protect
    Aarushi, who may have confided in him earlier and asked for
    protection. And Nupur may have returned home early to find her husband
    in bed raping her daughter.

    All hell broke loose. Nupur attacked her husband and tore her child
    away from him. Dr Talwar attacked Hemraj and tried to knock him out,
    as he was witness.
    While Nupur sedated or strangled Aarushi and slit her throat, Dr
    Talwar was in the process of killing Hemraj, to make him a 'fall guy'
    as well as removing him as witness.
    Finally, both Dr & Mrs Talwar killed Hemraj together.
    But Dr Talwar didn't know his wife had killed Aarushi... that stunned him!

    Now Dr Talwar is the fall guy for the murder... because, if he reveals
    that his WIFE killed their daughter, he would also have to explain
    WHAT provoked her to do so... i.e. his Incest!

    Why didn't Nupur kill her incestuous husband instead of her daughter?
    Good question...

    Because if she did, then SHE would be accused of the murder... (unless
    she singlehandedly killed Hemraj too, as her Fall Guy, which is
    difficult for a woman to do alone!)

    My girlfriend and I are 100% convinced that THIS is the Real Story...
    We must all have the guts to speak up on this possibility... so send
    in your responses please, and let's discuss this threadbare.

    May the Truth prevail!

    Peace and Courage,
    Chetan and Shakti

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Interesting that you mentioned the Nanavati case. Gulzar turned it into a movie, Achanak, that has Vinod Khanna and Iftikar in stellar performance.

  11. I am SAD to read about those fellows.I cant understand that how a man can kill her loving daughter.He did'nt feel any type of mercy on him.

  12. Well..
    Just wondering had defamation laws been strong in our country.

    Dr Talwar would be a millionaire in weeks!

    And rightly so, for I think he is innocent or at least not guilty to the extent they pronounced him to be!

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