Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I don't know about Gandhigiri, but faltugiri must surely be our national pastime.

Why else would someone spend time and energy trying to take Google to court for an 'I hate India' community on orkut with 100 odd members? What's more something like this makes front page news in all national dailies?? Hindustan Times reports:

The Bombay Hight Court's Aurangabad bench has served a notice to Google for allowing a hate campaign against India on its social networking site The order was issued on Monday by justices A P Deshpande and R M Borde in response to a public interest suit filed by a junior advocate in Aurangabad, Yugant Marlapalle. His petition said that a community called 'We hate India", which has anti-India propaganda and a picture of the Indian flag being burnt, has been created on orkut.

Um, 103 odd members is hardly a 'hate campaign'. It's a whisper in a room with no people!

Type the word 'hate' in the Orkut communities 'search' box and this is the top 5:

# 1 I hate to wake up early 82,269 members
Community for those who can't stand waking up early in the morning!

# 2 I hate ekta kapoor 32,552 members
isnt there anything left in life of women apart from plotting against each other & sleeping around with there husband's friends????? may god help me out!!!!!!! --

# 3 I Hate Himesh Reshammiya 23,133 members
Save the humanity, Please don't sing

# 4 I HATE EXAMS! 15,014 members
Y do we have to take EXAMS ..they really suks sometimes..
i don't care if u don't agree with me..this community showup the feelings about taking freakin exams ..if some one doesn't like it i must say "WHO INVITED U"

# 5 Himesh Reshamiya Hate Club 11,034 members
Are you fed up with all those noisy,crappy songs of Himesh Reshamiya.Do you feel like taking off the cap from his head(he wears it to hide stolen music cds from Pakistan and smuggle them to India)and show the whole world that he is only bald and nothing else...blah blah blah...then please join this community..

If there's anyone who should be suing it's Himeshbhai. But even he is smart enough to know... these are just kids with frustrations in life - or just plain keeda.

Actually most of the "i hate" this that or the other sites seem to have been created/ populated by Indians. I mean sue, American teens are more into myspace but there are a lot of Brazilians on orkut as well.

I tried typing in the word 'odio' (hate in Portuguse) and could not find 20,000 members in an "I hate Ronaldinho for not winning the world cup" community... I could be wrong but I think Brazilians are more laid back and happier online citizens.

Meanwhile we Indians are venting at:
- I Hate Discussion After Exams 10,198 members
this is the community of the students who are really embarresed of discussions about Question paper that some people do after each damn exams....

- I hate Kareena Kapoor 8,374 members
Why do you hate Kareena Kapoor? I hate her for her arrogance and lack of abilities. As if you need more reasons!!

- I hate Shahrukh Khan 5,384 members
there maybe be plenty of fans of SRK (shahrukh khan) but this community is for his haters.

- I hate to study 4,780 members
I know, even you hate to study!! what say? Join in..!
- I hate Arjun Singh 3,594 members

You get the picture.

So why bother if one LiTtL3 DeViL in Karachi, Pakistan has started an 'I hate India' community? This is the last message posted there:

Yaar it's boring community
This is the way to hate someone?
Lagta hay salay Galian nikal nikal kar thuk chukay hain.
Ha jeee---What is the end result???

Aur kya bhai. Flag it for google and forget about it. Please, don't go around creating 'I hate Pakistan' communities (there are already 10 such lame efforts, no need to add to the idiocy!)

There is enough hate in the real world, to keep us busy for a long time. And enough far more important cases in our court we need to attend to.

However, frivolous as it may seem to me, perhaps Google will have to respond. The Washington Post recently reported

Google Inc., which refused in the past year to hand over user search data to U.S. authorities fighting children's access to pornography, said yesterday that it was complying with a Brazilian court's orders to turn over data that could help identify users accused of taking part in online communities that encourage racism, pedophilia and homophobia.

There are some legitimate concerns, and google will have to address them. But a couple of hundred looneys here and there should not be one of them.


  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I agree with the court, if such communities are allowed to flourish, then that will create a bad impression on the impressionable minds of teenagers who frequent Orkut ;)
    And what message will letting such communities survive have on the future citizens of India? We all know how Google has complete control on the communities in Orkut, and how such communities are breeding grounds for next terrorists... ;)

  2. Me agree wid u.. I mean vat can google do 4 a user generated ocommunity.. The max expected of it is the commmunity be deleted nd chk tht further attempts in tht regard would prove 2 b futile...

  3. Anonymous8:42 PM

    a few weeks ago i received a mass-mailer from a friend about this community; he requested us to 'report abuse' to orkut. i did that assuming if sufficient numbers did so too, the community will be censored by Google. Don't remember if i forwarded it to my contacts..

    I don't see much point in suing a social networking site for the user generated content.

  4. omg! loooool! a "I hate India" community of a 100 odd individuals..hehe stupid kids!

    Racism ki baat ab saamne aai hai to hai to, well yeah, they wud surely pay heed... warna to who cares? lol

    becharay Himes bhai...lagta hai sabko deewana kar gaye! :D

  5. Websites creating passionate users should see whether something is going wrong in such user group.
    It doesn't matter whether the groups has 10 or 10 lakh people.
    If google has a will to prevent bogus profile or people they can do that by just enabling the code to the "Report Bogus button"
    It happens in the MMORPG "second life."

    The ebay court case really helped in cleaning the pirated cds . Just come back to ebay and see whether u can purchase any pirated stuff or not.

    These may be frivolous but
    cases like this helps indirectly.

  6. members:1,016

    This is hidden on Community Search though

  7. Agree with you that faltuism is there very much in india and 100 people comminity for "i hate india". Really great that there are only 100 joined, means we there is really dearth of people hating india.
    abut seriously speaking is orkut is being used for such thing and someone take stand against it, he can. i believe internet is a powerful media and provide a very good, secure medium for interacting. though that commnity owned by some russian and , i dont think can harm Our country in anyway, but of preventing the use of orkut like medium for spreading hate and violence is also issue can't be ignored.
    in larger context its issue of internet use for wrong purpose and in present context its reason for laugh. nothing to wonder we know who hate indians and who loves.

  8. i agre ewith you completely .Now and again people come with these faltugiri issues just to bring matter into limelight.just recently i was seeing news and some state education minister or so had banned twinkle twinkle little star coz they thought it not universal but a foreign culture poem or stuff like that.
    As such our courts delay decisions ,i can now guess why with all these faltugiri cases coming to court .

  9. Interesting observations indeed
    however hate should not be
    allowed to flourish even for a
    party of one.
    My concern is alterntively
    that by "suing" they may
    gain much broader attention.

    I hate turnips:)

    Great writing:)

  10. Greate writting, People are just wasting our courts time in such a issue

    Already there are many cases pending for court before they issue such notices.

    But as a matter of dignity towards our country we should flag any community/user which we found disgusting

  11. Absolute Bullshit

    To sum it with a Sidhuism...

    It’s like suing the gardener for making a garden in which drunkards could pee and vandalize...

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. I dont know what the case will result in, but i've definitely got that mail to 'Report as Bogus' atleast some 20 times. And i've done so all the times.

    Somebody says:
    Community has 100 paki kids. Not a problem.

    If the 'Report as Bogus' button is for real & Orkut (Google) is really serious in dealing with abuse on their web-site, this community should have banned long back. I cant guess a figure, but given the size of indian orkut users, many would have reported that community as bogus. But the community still exists

    What does this suggest??

    Is there something wrong with the 'Report as Bogus' button?? (Should we report to orkut that its a bug? ;))
    Is there something wrong in Indian users' claim that the community is abusing indian sentiments??


    Is there something wrong in the Intentions of Orkut(Google) to clean-up their site from abuse??

    This court case might atleast give us some answers.
    Let's wait n watch.

  14. We are the same country who took CEO of to jail in the DPS MMS case.

  15. this shows we have a lot of vela lawyers in india !

  16. The community has a burning Indian flag on it's homepage. Obviously everyone agrees that such communitites should not exist. If thousands of users 'reporting bogus' doesn't help, maybe the court case will.

  17. Man, I never realised that this would grow to such an extent...what are we, idiots...hmm, on hindsight I think we are!!

  18. ya Report as bogus is there , so that should take care of it , but the question i have is Why should we / google do that ?

    The best thing to do is to just ignore coz this is not worth all this attention

    We are proud of our nation and so shouldnt bother about all this crap ...

    if somebody thinks this country is not gr8 let him ... we know the truth and ideally we shouldnt be worried at all

    If 35000 ppl ( my goodness ! ) can hate say Himesh and he is least bit bothered and still appears in every other song , then why should India bother bout a mere 100 ...

    Does this (hating anyone) come under freedom of expression ?

  19. Well said.
    There is no use of filing such case. We better take care of other things rather than messing with all this crappy stuff. Who cares if some people bitch about india.

    we know what we are and what our culture is. No matter what they We'll always be great indian.

  20. Very Nice Observation. We Indians are made like that.

    There are two requests kind of things:-

    1. Please Allow wordpress bloggers to post a comment.

    2. If you could enable the option of a permalink of the post, The links could be forwarded easily.

  21. I fully agree with the comment mentioned in the post. You can never stop people from putting stuff on the web. You stop orkut community, so what..there will be others where such a group exists. You can never have the whole world loving you. Just do your stuff and you will be known.

  22. Such frivolous, useless lawsuits should be thrown out of the courts.

    It's not the fact that such a lawsuit was filed, it's the fact that it was accpeted - is STRANGE.

    Completely agree with contents of this post.

  23. The irony about bloggers mocking at Orkut made me write this post. And a comment there pointed me to this blog.

    Nice blog with good posts and frequency! Will be a reader from now on.


    Visit this website and see the advertisment carefully.

  25. Anonymous1:37 PM

    From the look of things, the lawyer who so good-naturedly sued google, doesn't spend much time online. It's actually fun to watch dinosaurs like this grab at old ways as they slip.

    I got invited to a moronic cimmunity called 'we hate those who hate India'.

  26. It is an orkut community at the end of the day !!! It's not like they are gonna group up and form a terrorist group or something!!

    I dont think those communities in orkut serves much purpose except for displaying ur tastes and ur belongingness !

  27. why havent you made
    - I hate Arjun Singh 3,594 members
    bold (no i am not its member nor do i like this i hate nonsense)

  28. I hate salman khan(89,51,444)members

    reason he is biggest bastard of india
    he is abuser killer
    even sai baba avtar har shri nath says he hate because he killed speechless animals
    he beat people kill poor people its ok but why kill speechless

    ok ok it beat women too and drink a lot
    he beat aishwarya many times in sets
    first somi ali aishwarya now katrina kaif

    even india greater cricketer azurudiin beat him once

  29. FYI, Orkut is known to suppress results with the word 'hate'. So the number of hate communities out there is likely to be much higher.

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