Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This is a recruitment ad

I once signed up for Google Adsense but never added the code to my blog. Because I don't think it's gonna fetch me any significant revenues.

But the non-monetary benefits of blogging have been more than sufficient to keep me going. Besides the pleasure writing gives me, it's amazing to see the amount of young creative talent on display. And heartening as well.

Because the first rule of 'wanting to be a writer' is you have to WRITE! Yet, over the last 10 years hundreds of young people have written to me with eir 'inclination' to write for JAM. Very few actually send you any proof of their ability to do so.

Ask 'em to write and send you sample and many say 'give me a topic'. Well, that's the second rule of 'wanting to be a writer' - you gotta find a topic and sell the idea to your editor. Sure, I might give out assignments from time to time but definitely favour those who come to me with *some* thoughts of their own.

If I do all the thinking for you, where's the fun?

And that's why I like bloggers who write to me saying they'd want to contribute to JAM - they have an existing body of work.

Conversely, when a blogger's work impresses me I do not hesitate to ask him/ her -"Dude, can we publish this post?" Aditya, Gaurav, Anantha Narayan and Chanakya are a few of the bloggers whose bylines have graced JAM in recent months.

Going one step further, I have offered assignments to bloggers. Bhavya Khanna covered India Fashion Week 2005 for JAM and did a fantastic job of it. More so because he had no experience - he saw the event with fresh and freaky eyes.

Assignments anyone?
So here's the deal. JAM is not a magazine with a fleet of 26 reporters. We could do with eyes, ears and legs everywhere. But eyes, ears and legs who can write with attitude and flair.

Some of our current requirements include folks who'd like to cover:

a) Rock shows/ rock bands

b) Review music albums (they can be couriered to you)

c) Review movies - this would suit the vela types who can attend preview shows on weekday mornings in south Bombay.

d) Review eating joints

e) Review nightspots

f) Review college festivals

g) Write on tech trends, sports

h) Lastly and most importantly - write humour pieces and even JAM cover stories!

Location: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune in particular but rest of India may apply as well. Phoren based writers? What the heck, we could use great content from anywhere in the world.

OK, so I'm not expecting any one person to do all of this. Just pick and choose what turns you on and where you think you can deliver.

We pay for all published articles + expenses on specific assignments. So there's your chance for some pizza money. And fame, fortune, glory! Nah - that you have already :)

And oh, lastly. Am also looking for a writer who'd like to WORK with JAM full time, based in Mumbai. If you are crazy enough to apply for a job you saw advertised on a blog - you could be just the person we're looking for!


  1. The frequency with which I find 'Youth Curry' blogrolled on the blogs I visit (and I do visit a good enough number), made me think why dont you use adsense. And here I come and your next post starts with the topic. So what if its only an opening shot before moving on to issues more important. Use AdSense, any marginal money helps :)

  2. Hmm... I am a blogger with some publications. But unfortunately only maybe your last two categories look writeable to me. And personally I feel that I write better if I come up with a topic myself than if I am forced to write about one. So maybe you can expect a couple of odd emails next month :)

    BTW, do get adsense. Even if 1 in a 100 visits people click on your ads, you get about 20 clicks per week then (The calculations are flattering, eh?) So that adds up to about a good sum, given google logistics :)

  3. d) Review eating joints
    I've been trying to do that for some time at Foodie For Life - see if you like my style.

    h) Lastly and most importantly - write humour pieces
    Check out a sample here - it's about a Punjabi wedding that I had recently attended. It was supposed to be a 5-6 part series but I got tired after the first. Could complete if you like the "pilot"!

    Are we supposed to mail you or leave a comment? Discuss the POA first or come up with stories straightaway?


  4. I can Write on last two categories. BTW, is this an exhaustive list of categories ? And what about the articles, should I send them to you or you will suggest a topic ? is there a particular format in which you want them ?

  5. Hi, I find your articles very interesting.

    I have just started blogging(just 3 posts old). I am interested in writing serious stuff..You can go through my last 2 posts and see if they meet your requirements..

  6. Rashmi, your list of topic implies that JAM is just another wanna be magazine. Why dont you select some topic which affects the society in the positive manner rather than giving some trivial information, which every second source points to.

  7. Sudipta, Phooka, mail me: and we'll take things further. And no, this is not an exhaustive list of categorie.

    Anupam, JAM includes many kinds of articles - inluding the sort you have mentioned. We get plenty of 'opinion' pieces which can be written from an armchair.

    What I need are people who can go out there, *experience* things and write about them. One calls such people reporters but I want reporters who can write well so I'd rather call them writers :)

  8. Dear Mr. Anupam,

    JAM is just another magazine and it hardly matters if you add a 'wann be' in between!

    What's yor crib dude? If you can write on any of those 'trivial' topics, say YES or else, go read a 'second source' and leave this space blank.

    There are already enough mags who have taken the responsibility of affecting the society in a positive manner. Give Rashmi a break!

  9. "What's yor crib dude? If you can write on any of those 'trivial' topics, say YES or else, go read a 'second source' and leave this space blank."

    Alright, I thought the blog is open to criticism.

    "There are already enough mags who have taken the responsibility of affecting the society in a positive manner."

    My opinion is diagonally opposite on it in the sense there are more magazines which cater to the general interest of the people.

  10. oh dear would have loved to but unfortunately, I live overseas...

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I am very new to world of blog. But I like to write on Current issues Movies and Television. My links :

  13. You are free to use all of my blog contents without paying ;-))

    If you still insist on paying just mail me and I'll let ya know where to mail the cheque ;-))

    Take Care,

  14. I have been reading your blog for a while now and have usually found something interesting to think abt.

    Some of my own thoughts are at -

    A friend and I have always dreamed of starting a "young woman" magazine here in Bangalore but thats never worked out :( We both love writing, so blogging is currently the simplest vent-your-frustration medium :)

  15. Why don't you approach journalism schools? They are perpetually in a placement crisis. And they usually have a handful of freak specimens with the attitude factor that you're looking for.

  16. Would like to.
    Have a look.

  17. Hey..

    I have one doubt "What is attittude ?"
    How do I know whether I have "attitude" !!

    Never JAM is my choice, does it mean that I lack attitude? Hope you guys can help me !!

    Or if its a nice word to use for "freaky".Forgive me for this question.

  18. Is this the URL of the magazine ?

  19. Dear Rashmi

    This is in response to your post. I head the creatives for an Event Management firm in Delhi.

    You are welcome to judge my writing abilities at my blogs. The addresses are:

    I could pitch in by reviewing music (albums/bands) and covering rock shows in Delhi, this being an active hobby (if not an area of expertise).



  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. I would like to write for JAM.

    just have a look at my blog - full of Humor and Satire:

    hope, you can read in Hindi, I write in English too - been writing for IT / LFY for last 8 yrs.


  22. I believe I can cover Bollywood well. Please see my latest post that also has links to all my movie reviews so far this year.

  23. Hey Rashmi,
    Well I do like to write and have written quite some pieces. Although due to my work schedule I could not complete some of them so dint publish it.

    Anyway I am workin for a s/w company and am thinkin bout quittin for some job that gives me the kicks and which i would like to be around all day.

    Working at JAM seems interesting.
    Can you please mail me the job profile you are looking for and what your offer is..
    My id is

    OK then looking fwd to it...and also check my blog and tell me if it needs more zing.
    PS. the articles that i myself have written are
    --testing lives
    --from new to knew
    --love shouldn't blind


  24. If you are interested in a 'phoren' contributor, i would be really interested. I also write for, though i wont be writing for it till next year. You can check out my writing n opinions etc on my blog :


  25. Amazing response. Gimme a day or two to get back to all of you!

  26. I'm from chennai.I can post abt the happenings out here(subject to ur approval).

    BTW I'm not getting JAM out here in chennai.The newspaper vendor says it's stopped circulation in chennai.Is tht so?

  27. I am insulted at not being mentioned in the entry. ;)

    Would love to do a few music reviews for you though.:)

  28. I definitely am the last thing at being vela. But well, I had a prof in the B school writing for JAM(that was Mr. Sudarshan Shidore) and i had heard enough from him to be interested.

    Do drop by my blog in your free time (arghh, the phrase) and tell me if you like anything.

  29. Would like to do something in Pune since I am studying here...


  30. Hi rashmi, how you hope ok, encore, i m seeing some purview in JAM, isnt it? I sent you one mail 3 months back, regarding my writing but got no response! MOst probab, you didnt like is it like that, anyway, plz do mention that you didnt like, ofcourse if u have time to tell! i m often agog to make my foray into the field of writing i told you earlier too but as always you never say anything often keep mum! If you say encore i can send some other stuff what i wrote recently! wish u success always !

    with regards,


  31. I too would be happy to contribute the odd piece to JAM. I am in Muscat, Oman. Is the JAM audience predominantly 18-25 ?

  32. Hi Rashmi,
    Would be pleased to write for JAM, if given the opportunity. I maintain a couple of blogs, at and
    The former is an "anything goes" blog. Whatever comes to the mind at that time. Though if you check it closely, I guess there is a bent towards film reviews, to an extent. Can't help myself there!

    The latter is a blog that I have tried to update on a weekly basis, and which is like a 'newbie's guide to stock market investing'. There have been suggestions that I could publish that stuff (perhaps with some fine tuning and editing) as there is good material. So although the stock markets do not figure in your wish list at this time, if the blog appeals to you, and you would like to serialise it in JAM, I would not mind that.

    Otherwise, would love to do film reviews (good old Bollywood stuff), or general observations on life passing by..?

    By the way, I have a full length feature film script ready which I am doing my second edit on, and one more film script that I am working on. Just to let you know that I do not just talk about writing, but actually do it!

    And yet, all of the writing I do, has nothing to do with my profession, which is something entirely different!

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    - Sanjay Mehta

  33. hi,
    first of all get your webmaster to fix ur site.. i tried posting a review once and it the mails bounced back.

  34. i write about sex n my fetishes. im at u can mail me at

  35. Hi Rashmi,

    I love writing but the kind of pressure on getting stuff published has detered me. Writing is one of my best forms of expression and I would want to contribute to JAM.

    In my blog, I write upon topics as and how I please so would be glad if you checked it out.

    If you think you could use it for your mag, that would just be great.



  36. Rashmi,I Would love to do some music reviews and also tech realted stuff.

  37. Hi Rashmi ,
    Well , you were kind enough to mail me about your liking my writings , this happenned some 20 days ago.You mentioned about publishing some of my blog articles in JAM.So i guess you have some idea of what i write about.So please let me know if I could be of any use to JAM.It would be great.

  38. hey rashmi hi, this is archana bhui
    and am based in mumbai. a friend of mine gave me ur blog address. well i love writing and for that matter u can check my blog
    i read ur recruitment add and think i can write on most of the heads except restaurant and food reviews(cause im just not into food).i was really frustrated with engg and stuff and prayed 2 god if i can finally do stuff that i love-in the creative arena.ur add really kind off cheered me a short description of me - i am a trained classical singer & dancer currently doing third year electrical engg.(so that kind of forces me 2 be technically updated-god all engg students wanna clear it in 4 years )right, and travelling in the virar fast local has been my biggest inspiration to write on human emotions. do write back if i can be of any contribution 2 u after reading my blog, and if i can pursue my love for 'WRITING',with JAM.

  39. yes
    first send me the music albums to be reviewed because i despretly need some new music collection

    send me the free tickets for the movies because there is nothing to review about them they are all same and i am jobles

    for the restaurants - i will crawl for free food

    nightspots - i could capture you a few mms

    i could interview rock bands because they are also desperate and mad like me

    well on tech and sports
    basically madam i am a computer engineer so i know a little bit of tech and
    well there is only one sport to write about cricket nothing else is funny nor other games make news

    so till then

  40. Hmmm... Interesting!

    This takes the i-Recruitment game to a whole new level!

    How about considering reviews from a banda in London?

    Loads of attitude & flair blended with a dash of abstractism, cynicism, criticism, creativity, dry wit [I blame the weather for this], opinions, photographs, unwanted comments, and other random banter for extra added effects. So sue me!


    Srinath G.

  41. Well let me add mine as candidates. I review music in my podcast on Indian Music -; could use the same material for JAM. And I also write a blog on IT Marketing - could use some of it for JAM too.
    Let me know.

  42. Hi,

    I'd like to write for JAM on a freelance basis.

    Sample of my writings:



  43. Hey,

    I've been writing at for a while..

    I write mostly about software and NGAGE published some of my old articles on technology..

    I review stuff a bit too.. my recent review was of my new mac :)ou'll get this review on the first page of my blog

    My mail id is :

  44. Hi Rashmi,

    Do take a look at my blog Drishyanvesh.

    I am in Pune and I would love to review eating joints, music albums, and movies. I can do some photography too if needed.

    Let me know what you think! :-)


  45. Hi Rashmi
    i m a regular to ur blog..the day u dont write,i miss it.
    I m from chandigarh(mohali to be precise) and love ur blog for the plain wisdom which pours from Youthcurry.
    i dont know if u d read this comment it doesnt matter to me i just want to say u r doing a great job.
    but deep down i think i d love it if u read and reply.
    my best wishes for u and ur sweet daughter.

  46. Hey Rashmi!
    Here is my proof of candidature.

    Well i had previously sent u an email [from the jam webpage link] maybe could not convince u enough then...
    Anyway another try!

    Also, i am a little dumb i guess... i have BlogRolled you, and check your blogs for quite some time now and dont know how i missed this post of yours!

    Came across it finally, through the link on the comments for Sidin Vadukut's writing experiment post!

    Anyway my email anand dot rao 5 at gmail dot com


  47. Sorry Forgot!
    I will be vacationing in Goa next week... maybe my travel posts about there once i get back after 29th may interest u...please do check my blog after 30th of Jan! (hehe some publicity mongering!)

  48. hmm..interesting offer..
    please check out my blog and decide whether i could fit into the 'Mood dependent, occasional writer'category...

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