Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wanted: Virtual Personal Assistant

I'm looking for a Man/ Woman Friday to help me organise my life. The role demands:

* Database management (basic stuff - in Excel)

* Creating the occassional Powerpoint presentation

* Management of fanmail (I will be replying personally to people, but you'll help me keep track & do it more efficiently)

* Do some internet-based research (google zindabad)

* Assist in updating the wordpress blogs of my books

And well, a few other things which come up from time to time but nothing strenuous.

You can be situated anywhere in India but must possess:

* Excellent English

* Cheerful disposition

* Be a net baby

* Have time and inclination to do this (I'm estimating an hour a day max, need not be everyday either but 7-8 hours a week).

Who it will work for:

* Someone who wants a little extra money, for working from home/ hostel room

* Someone who loves me and my books (you will get to know me better & often get to read what I write, before everyone else does :)

* Someone who can work independently and responsibly (I don't want to ever get on your case).

I see this as a 6-12 month engagement, a sort of internship, although remote. I will be happy to guide and mentor you to some extent, whatever the career or goal or dream you may be pursuing.

But of course we will need to develop a good rapport and a strong sense of trust.

If you're keen please send me 2 paras about yourself and one para about why you are the right person for this role (no CVs please). Email rashmi_b at


  1. I have sent a mail madam. plz do read it and reply.

  2. I have sent my application. Please check your mail :)
    Thank you.

  3. You've got mail! Hope to hear from you soon :) Cheers!

  4. ^^^ You've got spam :P

  5. Applied for the post. Please do check it out.

  6. Rashmi,
    I just sent you an email and also a text message, plese take a look.



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