Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Career Query of the Week

Hi Rashmi,

I am pursuing CA ,and this was my third attempt for CA inter but don’t think will pass this time also. I don’t know what I am lacking in preparation but it's really ruining my precious years.

Also I messed up my graduation 1st year and failed terribly. Presently I am in 2nd year Bcom DU(Correspondence).

I used to be an average student upto high school got 79% in 12th , never dreamt of me failing in any field but now my life is trapped in these fails. My self-confidence has now become very low.

Can you guide me what should I do to avoid more chaos in my life.


dear A G

I understand how difficult it must feel right now but the good news is - putting everything down on paper means you have accepted you have a problem. And now we can start working on it.

Exams are a part of life, more important in my opinion is addressing your low self confidence and how you feel about yourself. I know this may be a hard concept to swallow at first, but the more you focus on how badly you are performing, and visualise the chances of failing in the future - the more likely you are to fail.

This is called the 'Law of Attraction'. What you focus on, what you think about most - is what you attract into your life.

To understand this better please read a book called 'The Secret'.

OK. You might now say "I don't want to feel low, and think negative thoughts but I can't stop myself from doing it." This is a very common problem but again, the good news is, you can choose to think differently.

It won't happen in a day but with time, with practice you will feel the change in yourself.

I suggest you attend either a basic 'Art of Living' or 'Isha Yoga' course. Both teach you certain breathing practices which help to calm your mind and still the chaos in your head. In time, you can learn other yoga and meditation techniques.

You can also learn reiki.

I also find a book by Louise Hays called 'You can heal your life' to be really amazing. If you have to read only ONE self-help book in your entire life, it has to be this one.

What I am suggesting to you will help you tackle the root cause of your problem - not just the symptoms. Once you are confident, energised and radiating with positivity you will be successful at whatever you do. Be it an exam, be it anything else.

All the very best!

Note to readers
What I have told AG works for any problem, in any aspect of your life. The power of your thoughts is what creates your world, your experience.

And this is coming from someone who was once a complete skeptic.

Open your mind to this possibility, put logic and rationality to sleep for a while, and see how different (how much better!) life can be.

Maine khud aazmaaya hai and I highly recommend it. Only thing is, you need faith and you need patience! Both of which are in short supply in this day and age...


  1. Hi Rashmi,

    I wanted to speak to you regarding your new book Connect the Dots. I was interested in your perspective on Dosa Plaza owner.


  2. I agree. And esp. with the Art of Living course. It really was a transforming point in life, esp. the course I did 'Yes!+' for youths with my teacher who was also an IITian and with brilliant grasp of lifes fundaes and very humorous attitude! :)

  3. i guess instead of associating unnecessary importance to ur acads performance you should focus on attaining perfection in some of the things which matter.

    just like some people cant sing and some cant sprint as great as others .... some are not so competent in "cramming and puking" which we are asked to do in the exams.

  4. Thanks for recommending Isha! I have found the practices to be of tremendous benefit :)

  5. Anonymous6:42 AM

    thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄..................................................

  6. Exams ... the curse of our current education system. you apply an evil capitalistic mindset to academics and you get exams.
    the world is much bigger than 100 marks.


  7. Hey Rashmi, have you read the book 'The Magic of Thinking Big' by David Schwartz. How did you like it ? How would you compare it with the book YCHYL ? Would like to know your views on that book.

  8. The secret really works, i recommend the master key system - the secret teaches you how to use law of attraction, the master key explains how and why it works, once understand it, you will find it easy to believe in your dreams,..

  9. Rashmi,
    I can empathise with the questioner as I had been in the same situation before. I didnt come out of it through any change in attitude, but rather through changing the field of study.

    I know a lot of people who wanted to be a chartered accountant have passed through this stage of low self confidence as they were unable to pass it even after repeated attempts. The problem as I understand is not in the intelligence of the exam taker but rather in the structure of the CA exam as such. One needs to work with an auditor in the day and do self study in the evenings, which needs a lot of determination and resolve and that too from a teenager.
    If only chartered accountacny was taught in a college format the pass percent would easily shoot up to 90 percent. Its because CA doesnt test your intelligence as much as it does your perserverance.It suits a few people but not everyone.
    Moreover, given the booming job market in India, I wouldnt fret over not passing CA so much(unless one is obsessed with becoming a CA). There are so many other options. Why not try IT?
    So, I would rather advise the questioner to try out for some time and check if the course suits him. Else, he might be better off doing a lot of other things.


  10. The only real failure is giving up.
    So, keep trying. You could pass the exam
    next time.

    Of course, also analyse what is going wrong, dispassionately. Perhaps, your heart is not in the subject; perhaps
    you dont have aptititude for the subject. May be C.A. is not for you.

    Or it could be that you failed due to some
    minor errors which can be fixed.

    We all go through patches of low self-esteem, and low self-confidence.
    Nothing bad about that. These times can
    be changed.


  11. Hey, Dear friend...Life is not an exam. Focus on what you want from life and not on what you don't want. try to keep yourself motivated; focus even on your smallest achievements till date; Do what you desire whatever it may be. i would like to recommend to go for outing with one of your close friends and have fun with him and yes no discussions about your exams

  12. Nice, enjoying the blog, keep doing what you're doing!


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