Monday, April 13, 2009

Book review: Don't lose your mind, lose your weight

I am not the kind of person who buys books on dieting, or tries out those famous 'crash diets'.

Yet, I picked up this book. Because Rujuta is someone I am intrigued by. She is a dietician and fitness expert with a difference.

Rujuta was Anil Ambani's personal trainer at one time, and then of course went on to become even more famous. As the nutritionist who helped Kareena Kapoor her 'size zero figure'.

The intriguing bit is not Kareena losing weight (after all, she in an actress. Actresses will go to any length and on any diet to do such things :)

No, the interesting bit was the many interviews Kareena gave proclaiming that she did not go on a 30 day diet of lettuce leaves and lauki juice. This babe claimed she was eating... And could we be hearing right? Eating parathas!

So yes, the book heavily leans on the 'Kareena Kapoor' connection with both a foreword and a blurb on the cover which reads:

"Rujuta has changed not just my body but my mind and soul. She is the best thing to have happened to my life."

But the truth is, once you read the first five pages you know this book packs its own punch.You forget about Kareena (she is a character who appears now and then but so do many other clients).

Page by page, chapter by chapter Rujuta explains how practically everything we have accepted as the gospel truth when it comes to dieting is wrong. Let's start with this simple thought:

"There is no such thing as going 'on or 'off' your diet. Eating correctly is a lifelong commitment, and the diet should be a reflection of this."

And what works is the way Rujuta gets her point across. Totally candid, down to earth, bindaas. Sample this (pg 25):

"Where is the bravery in losing weight? People with diarrhoea lose weight. So do people with jaundice, malaria, TB, not to mention cancer and AIDS."

Or this:

"Why do we pay so little attention to our stomachs? Is it because it never attacks us?"

She goes on to discuss the ad on TV where the son-in-law dabaos everything that is cooked for him and the clients whose burp gives away everything they have lying undigested in there. And she tops it up with the comment: "Some wise person rightly said why fart and waste, when you can burp and taste?"

Hmm. Some readers may find that disgusting. But the thing is, in the context of the subject she is writing about it all makes perfect sense. And although her style may be very conversational at no point will you doubt the wealth of knowledge and insight she has on everything she is talking about.

There is just enough 'technical stuff' - on carbs, proteins, vitamins and transfats - to make a serious point. But everything she advises is easy to understand and implement.

"Love and respect your body"

"Everything is ok in moderation"

"Think of nutrients, not calories"

This is a book grounded in a philosophy of life. A confluence as it were of all that Rujuta has learned (and is still learning) from her study of yoga, ayurveda, sports science and nutrition.

Well, I could go on and on but I will leave it to you to pick up the book and find out for yourself. Incidentally, 'Don't lose your mind, lose your weight' is currently a # 1 bestseller @ Crossword.

Accha hai, it is a book that will shape so many minds, so many bodies... Spread so much love and happiness!

Don't lose your mind, lose your weight is published by Random House India.
Rs 199/-


  1. EW! No matter how much more the book has, the burping and farting sentence has me fixated.
    gosh! I have such a one track mind.

  2. nice ... i will buy this book ... thank you rashmi for this good info ...

  3. Had picked it up, reading it, but as usual you beat everyone to the punch with the review. I completely endorse what she has written & feel it is real value for money. Would share my review later on, but for a moment some time ago has felt & even asked her, whether Rashmi Bansal was doing the ghost writing or editing:) But you have now answered that.

  4. I absolutely loved the book. I have already applied her "principles" to my life, and I've seen the difference. No kidding. :-) I intend to stick to it in the long run.

  5. Loved the book. Made complete sense... now if only I could make myself wake up BEFORE sunrise. yikes

  6. Totally irrelevant to current post, but was looking for a book review of Meenakshi Madhavan's book and found this.

    Assuming its not the same person and not aware of JAM's posting rules either..

  7. Anonymous10:45 PM

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  8. Read the book. It is amazing! It has answers to so many questions about health and fat loss!
    I have lost a kg in a week.. Eating everything.. Walking for 45 mins everyday. No more constipated!
    By pricing the book at Rs. 199, its like a favor on all humans. I hope people from all backgrounds get their hands on this book and start living the kind of lifestyle mentioned in it!
    Thanks Rujuta!

  9. Looking for a copy of the book.Where can I get it?

  10. Am excited about the book. Will definitely buy and read it- of course for losing weight

  11. nice ... i will buy this book ... thank you rashmi for this good info Lifestyle on the Net Lifestyle on the Net

  12. gret book.u rock rujuta
    i feel much better now when i see myself in d mirror........all thankx to u


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