Saturday, February 16, 2008

MTV Roadies vs [V] India's Hottest

It's 8 pm on Saturday. On the two big music channels of India, there's anything 'but' music.

On [V] India's Hottest 3 guys and 3 girls are on display. In the 'packaging' byte the guy is only shirtless. The girl, in a red bikini and a lot of suntan oil looks like she is auditioning for a low budget porn film. She has extra red lipstick, and she's making those kind of faces while some liquid rolls off her mouth.

You get the picture.

Okay, that's only a 1 minute segment, now the judges are asking her a few questions. She is asked to dance. The dress is shiny and poured on but hey, it's only 6 inches above her knees...

On the neighbouring channel, MTV, a bunch of boys have stripped down to their underwear. One of them is rather paunchy and is trying to cover up by folding his arms around his stomach.

And in this 'undress' mode, they are answering G K questions. Like which real life hockey player was the role of Shah rukh Khan modelled on, in Chak de India. Blank faces, mostly. Are they clueless or just concentrating on keeping their stomachs sucked in?

The show, incidentally is MTV Roadies 5.0. And I see very little 'road' on the show. It's a reality show, Survivor style.

Anyhow, the point is India seems to have moved into another zone. A few years ago, when MTV Grind was telecast late in the night I wondered, when will people in India ever agree to wear short, tight clothes and get themselves filmed for national TV?

I think that day is not too far off now...

And no, I am not making any kind of value judgement here. It's more about changing values.

So far, doing something to 'get ahead' has been acceptable. Girls will wear bikinis for a 'Get Gorgeous' kind of contest because they want to become models and that's part of the deal. India's Hottest promises Rs 5 lakhs to the winner and possibly a career in glamour.

Roadies is kind of pointless in that sense. The winner is doing it mainly for the experience, and the possibility of winning money. Only Rannvijay from Roadies 1 went on to become an MTV VJ. Winners in the last 3 years had their 15 minutes of fame and faded into obscurity.

And for those 15 minutes they are willing to shed their inhibitions and their underwear. The irony is that if you ask a junior to do this kind of thing in college, it's called 'ragging' and you could go to jail.

But all's fair in historical love stories, and reality television!


  1. MTV Rodies is hugely popular..coz of the 15 mins fame and the bikes.The show definitely has a great glamorous quotient. this can be seen by the ppl who r selected to the show.
    Ne ways... frankly to me they all look fake and madeup.

    Still reality shows r a gr8 topic to write about in blogs.
    I feel that ur blog is popular bcoz u write on topics dat r poular.. i.e. you choose ur subjects well.

  2. Ya well About the BRUNA world the less said the better.. its more like porn on national television right in day light :-) well but the hopes and aspirations of many guess make this programme also a platform enough for them to die to be in..

    MTV roadies amazes me... its their 5th season and they are still going strong..yes its about the 15 minute fame but arent most reality shows..i feel except the first indian idol winner everybody else seems to have disappeared into oblivion.. similary maybe one out thr zillion winners in the zillion reality shows actualy do manage to get a mainstream chance..

    Mtv roadies though i feel has kept it going.. its inanely stupid..but i remember back in my old office where most of us were within the age group of 20 to 23.. would sit and watch mtv roadies in our conference room..its just the Gen x reality show i guess..

    the first season of mtv roadies had as a compulsion that each roadie had to be arider as well and it was still more about roads than the rest.. but with this " the game goes international " roadies 5.0 ..obviously they wont become pilots.. and now not all of them even need to be riders anymore..

    Well thats the never ending game called TRP 5.O :-)

  3. Did you know that the Chak De girl (one from the senior players) was a contestant on Roadies 3.

    I believe that success lies in the potential of a person to carry himself forward in life. Reality shows like Roadies only provide an easy foundation for establishing a persona after which the person is on his own.

    That is why we see people fading even after winning the jackpot. They only perform for THE competition and not for their future.

    Nitin Pai

  4. MTV Rodies is no doubt one of the most popular showz of the tym...
    but it is sad to find thousands of ppl desparate to get fame for which they can do nything! the fame can of 1min even doesn't matters for them....
    bt is it all abt exposing for a 1min fame???
    hope the show will have lot more for us to see rather than just a show bazi by sum desperate ppl!!!
    gud post!

  5. You are KIDDING! Bani is a famous icon.. shez also posed for Reebok accessories.

    But TV needs new faces every quarter to grab eyeballs & print media gets a new celebrity. Print media adds to global warming [gasp!!] by devoting more newsprints to these 'celebrities' [ are they??] by publishing their pictures in page 3, and writing about their dog's escapade & how they were not able to lose weight..

    Get a life folks, please.. there is *HELL* a lot of things to do than run behind such brainless maniacs!

  6. Some correction to be made in this blog:

    " Its not the guys who answer some silly GK questions but the girls who answer .If the girl answers wrongly , her partner the guy is supposed to strip one piece of his clothing. Some of the answers given in this round bordered on the craziest: "sushma " and " APJ abdul Kalam" as the current president of India. I wonder how do these people even get screened when they do not know who the president of India is. "Kudos to the MTV generation guys."(with lots of sarcasm :)

  7. From the channel's pov, its a 'grab you by the eyeballs' initiative, and its working in that target audience... and to a certain extent in the older audience as well..sigh, bruna :D..... for an audience that loves the entire concept of '15 minutes of fame', the content is just right... very few left to complain ....

  8. 4 out of those 5 females didn't know who the president of India was. And you should see the arrogance and attitude in them. makes me feel sad for them. Here they are, thinking they are elite coz they got shortlisted from thousands of other kids and everybody loves them coz they're on TV. Little do they know they have their heads so far up their a$$es, that if they somehow don't make it into showbiz, they'll probably end up bagging other people's groceries at the local mall.

  9. what really psyched me was these wannbe thickheaded gurlz of MTV Roadies 5.0 who didnot know who's the president of India...cumon this the Gen next...Another thing which really irritated me was none of the gurlz..(except 1)could answer basic GK q' was really a sight of embarrassment ..

    Hey but not qualms about the show..i quite really like the show....but the one on channel V...India's of the hideous show i have ever seen...and the VJ's....ufff...cant we have some intelligent people hosting the show...

  10. what really surprises me was one of this Delhi gal trying to judge a guy by his underwear.

  11. that is really dumb.. the girls not even knowing who the current president of india is.. really... the audition episodes are more entertaining.. u get to see all sorts of people (esp the really desperate types) and the way nikhil n raghu really burn their asses off...
    but still roadies makes 4 an entertaining show at times. n u know wht a lot n a lot of youngsters still watch..even the really fatoo type ppl in collg, they also enjoy discussin the show!!!! (for eg, aaj toh eee ka viva roadie ka audition jaise huaa tha!! )

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. MTV roadies has gone places from the humble start that it had few years back. I think among host of reality shows doing rounds these times... this one stands out for its innovation and no nonsense approach. And yes... the stupidity of the girl participants and their "in the clouds" approach to life does make life difficult for the audiances sometimes

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  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Rodies is a verbatim copy of
    MTV "The Road Rules" and a follow
    up of that " The Real World"
    These shows are now 8 years old
    and are being ape'd in India.

    None of the kids(21 yrs old) have
    maturity of the boys and girls in
    the Indian version of "The Road Rules",
    due to the shallowness in action.
    Hardly anyone knows swimming , yet
    the show is structured to have ocean races with kids falling and crying for their useless generic lives and negative attitudes.

    Goodness gracious, these critters need to learn Yoga for betterment of mind body and soul.

  17. I love to watch MTV Roadies Becaz its so adventrous.And its so unexpected......anything can happen anytime.And offcourse our VJ Ranvijay is so good on shows.
    And believe me I like Raghu a lot because of his rough & tough nature.

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  19. Roadies is popular because the audiences desperately need a change .Roadies is not about bikes and cool dudes it is life in nutshell.There is unbelieveable amount of hard work involved to make that programme a success.The condition of roades in India is pathetic and to come up with such a concept is nothing but sheer bravery.The only downside of this programme is that the winning contestants are paid peanuts when MTV is minting huge profits from Roadies.


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