Tuesday, August 01, 2006

USA Today on Arindam Chaudhuri's 'article'

Arun Bhat sent me a link to this piece in USA Today on folks who pass off other people's articles/ columns as their own on blogs/ websites. Del Jones observes..

The Internet is becoming a cesspool of plagiarism.

Steve McKee, a partner at Albuquerque advertising agency McKee Wallwork Cleveland, found that out in June after he wrote his monthly column for BusinessWeek.com.

The column, entitled "Five Words Never to Use in an Ad," was one of his more popular pieces. A search revealed that 36 blogs had picked it up and posted it to their sites, something that is usually considered to be fair use in the blogosphere. However, to McKee's annoyance, 13 of those took credit for writing it as their original prose.

"They're like cockroaches," McKee says. "Ideas are our assets, and it's frustrating when people take them from you without shame."

I fully agree. I've had some of my writing used by bloggers and little known websites without attribution or permission. It really sucks.

But wait, the USA Today article gets more interesting:

A July 3 column written for BusinessWeek by former General Electric CEO Jack Welch and his wife, Suzy, was posted on the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) site from New Delhi. There was no attribution to either BusinessWeek or the Welches, only a photo that appeared with the column of professor Arindam Chaudhuri, a business guru and best-selling author in India who works for IIPM.

When USA TODAY tried to contact Chaudhuri by e-mail on July 21, the e-mail was forwarded to Naveen Chamoli, dean of IIPM's Centre for Planning and Entrepreneurship. Chamoli e-mailed back saying that Chaudhuri was traveling, inaccessible and had nothing to do with the Welch column being posted beneath his photo.

Chamoli said in his e-mail that IIPM has rights to the Welch column through the New York Times News Service/Syndicate. Chamoli said in a subsequent e-mail that a Welch byline was added after the USA TODAY inquiry because, "others could be confused."

Jack and Suzy Welch, on vacation, had no comment.

All I can say is, while the internet enables plagiarism, it also makes it easy to identify a plagiarist. Someone, somewhere generally notices and tips off the original author. To fayda kya hua? Apni izzat mitti mein milane waali baat hai...


  1. Hi Rashmi,
    I could provide your blog's url to link to my RSS feed aggregator and now I get your blog posts in 'My Yahoo'. However I could not achieve the same for my blog.

    Can you pls. provide me the info on how you got your blog feed enabled?

    Sorry for the unrelated topic

    Thanks and Regards,

  2. i have it straight from the writers who work for his magazines. the articles therein are a mish mash of content from all sorts of sources. an odd word or sentence is changed around. not a single piece of original information there. hardly a surprise to read your post !!!

  3. izzat hogi, tab mitthi mein milega na!
    anyone who passes off someone else's work as their own - really can't have any sense of honour - can they?

  4. Don't know why...but somehow I get the feeling that Mr Arindam Chaudhuri is like Saddam Hussein or Fidel Castro. His people blowing his trumpet and he shamlessly flaunting his "bateesi" smile..

  5. like piracy, its tough to root out plagiarism...IIPM and Arindam has been doing much more than plagiarism for a while

  6. Arindam Chaudhuri and plagiarism are synonymous. I feel AC loves to be in the midst of controversies and I don't know where he gets his ideas from.

    Hope all would have seen the center page ADs he puts on the leading newspaper saying IIPM is this and that.. WHO CARES but the worst part he is able to strike chords with some gullible students..

    PLS PLS save those students and AC is making great business in the name of management education ..He is minting money,making movies and now flicking ideas/transcripts/writeups etc from here and there and publishing a magazine..

    Huh !!!!

  7. I cannot understand,

    IIPM spends something to the tune of a few crores every year on advertisements, why cannot they spend the same amount on infrastructure?

    its funny actually the way these people have actually taken to the heart the fact you need to sell everything, its sad that we as a society are tending more and more towards selling and how things are sold, rather than improving performance which itself is the best marketing technique.


  8. Hello Rashmi,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful information! I guess, everyone said what i had to say, but missed out on one point...what about the basic "Values/Ethics" that these management guru's talk about?

  9. What if the great Guru got inspired by Welch. I am sure his photograph did a lot of original value add to the article (afterall, a pic is worth a 1000 words and if it is of a ponytailed management guru - maybe more)

  10. this kind of stuff happens all the time

    the mistake Mr C made is that he copied from someone bigger than himself.
    nobody would have cared if he had lifted from some XYZ...

    some more course content for his "What they don't teach you at IIM"

  11. ban gaya na ulloo.. apne chotli bhai ka.. kachra ho gaya ijjat ka.

    Well, he has to do that. After all, how will he be considered a management guru.

  12. the case of business today B-school survey and arindam choudhary low quality/copied content generation is same.

    The idea they have to generate enough popularity and mass recongnition which is served for whatever reasons it be.
    So if he claims to be a management guru and all that without anybody else and others read, listen etc. only to criticize him, even then he has done his job for himself.

  13. Pls. Read this too -

    IIM-B prof held violating copyright
    05 01 2006

    BANGALORE: In a major embarrassment to the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B), an associate professor of the institute has been accused of copyright violation and plagiarism.

    The professor — T R Madan Mohan who teaches production management at the institute — has quit. The issue came to light after another professor at the institute, who has co-authored an article with Mohan, tipped off the director last week, about the alleged copyright violation.

    And when the director questioned Mohan, he admitted to plagiarism. "There has been a violation. I sought Mohan's resignation and he has quit from the institute following the complaint," IIM-B director P G Apte told The Times of India on Wednesday.

    The professor, who has worked with IIM-B for over a decade, has authored several articles and research publications in management production and other related subjects.

    And that is why IIM-B is finding itself in a piquant situation. "If it orders an inquiry against Mohan, it must probe all the articles published by him, so far in the capacity as an IIM-B professor.

    Besides, in a joint article, it is only appropriate that all the authors are punished or questioned.

    By doing so, IIM-B will be opening a Pandora's box," experts on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) explained.

    According to sources, the coauthor who unearthed the violation also teaches at IIM-B and is learnt to have been tipped off by a professor abroad about the plagiarism.

    "Another article which appeared in an e-journal coauthored by Mohan was allegedly withdrawn after alleged copyright violation."

    When TOI contacted Mohan at the institute, all he said was: "I do not want to talk about it."

    But this is not the first time that IIM-B is faced with copyright violation.

    Recently, the institute was slapped with a legal notice after a professor was accused of duplicating a book on marketing and strategy. Similarly, a professor at IIM-B who was accused of lifting articles, was let off after he resigned from the institute, several years ago

  14. I do agree that blogging etc. has lead to a lot more plagiarism (a very well known Indian digital blogger copies the posts from other sites, minces with the words and is a super hit) - but Arindam chaudhary?
    Well, given his earlier record of *thinking beyond IIMs*, I guess he has gone ahead and started copying all the materials from the net..
    Now, someone needs to *think beyond IIPM*!!

    Idea Labs

  15. Thoroughly enjoyed the comments;) Much much better than AC's movie.lol

  16. Your article and comments to it, are very good. I enjoyed them.

    Mr Choti cannot plan his own companies website and copies from here there..and look at his institute's name. I am not getting how he makes money? Who are the foolish people who pays him! Its funny of being caught red handed.You have to look carefully in his magazines also. I doubt many articles may be copied.

  17. The fact that the IIPM administration did not show basic integrity even after being caught shows the hollow beneath the sheen. Nicely compiled blog, yet again!

  18. Ac is undoubtedly a classic material for PNPC (Par ninda par charcha)...Check out...
    http://www.arindamchaudhuri.com/ - It is thoroughly enjoyable. Have a look at his profile:

    Professor Chaudhuri did his B.A. with Honours in Economics, Honours Diploma in Industrial Engineering, M.A with Honours in Economics, Post Graduate Diploma in Planning and Management (MBA) and Fellowship of I.I.P.M.

    Professor Chaudhuri has been amongst the toppers during his B.A. Economics, M.A. Economics and MBA. He was the recipient of the Academic Gold Medal while completing his Post Graduate Diploma in Planning and Management from IIPM.

    At the age of 28, in the year 2000, Prof. Chaudhuri was awarded "Management Guru 2000 Award" by Chennai based Om Venkatesa Society which annually honours management experts.

    In the year 2001 at the age of 29 he was selected amongst one of the 50 leading thinkers under the age of 40 to represent South Asia at Wilton Park (an organisation supported by the European Commission and British foreign office) where he was invited as a special speaker.

    In May 2003 Prof. Chaudhuri was awarded the "Personality of the Decade Award" by K.G.Foundation, Coimbatore. This prestigious award had been received in the past by Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, Mrs. Sudha Murthy & Dr. Chritian Bernard.

    On 14th February 2004 he was awarded the ‘Example to the Youth Award’ by the Rotaract Council in Chennai.

    In 2004 at the age of 32 he was selected as an advisor to the consultative committee to the Planning Commission of India in the areas of education and social sector.

    On 15th January 2005 he was awarded the ‘Centennial Service Award for Professional Excellence in Recognition of his significant achievement in the field of Education and Management’ by the Rotary International during its Centennial celebrations in Mumbai.

    and this is only a partial list!

  19. not sure what being "amongst the toppers" means
    as i understand, either he was the topper or he wasn't

    and again why none of these "prestigious awards" rings a bell... had anybody heard of these organizations/awards before Mr C made them prestigious...

  20. Hi Rashmi

    Hmmm!!! And to think that Arindam is himself editor-in-chief of two magazines and is planning to launch a third one!

  21. Arindam Chaudhari...how far he goes with such things...just amazing..We indians have the capacity to take lot of crap..I must say...

  22. Dear Ms. Bansal,

    I think the "phoreners" have misunderstood our hero Mr. Pony Tail and it is a sad situation that you have followed the "phoren" example instead of defending a desi hero. You see, things like plagiarism are all a matter of interpretation and depend on the "law of the land". Now India is transforming and everything we have is world class, world class banks, world class accountants, world class healthcare (India is a medical tourism hub), world class technology (infosys, wipro), world class BPOs, and so on. Among these, the shining star is the world class management institute called IIPM, led by a dynamic personality Pony T. Now, in a dynamic country like India, a dynamic personality (PT) with a dynamic experience is creating dynamic knowledge to lead our dynamic youth to compete in dynamic global economy. Hence, my suggestion is that you should have a dynamic interpretation of dynamic Indian law and should not ruthlessly blame Mr. Pony T for a minor (dynamic) slip up on a dynamic web page...

    Hail the dynamic pony and his tail!!!
    Dr. Harangue-outang

  23. Dear Dr Chaudhuri

    I would like to bring to your notice the total irresponsible and unprofessional behaviour of your people at Planman Films.

    I run a paragliding school at Kamshet www.flynirvana.com , we have a small guest house www.nativeplace.com where we house our students and adventure activity participants.

    I was approached by your Production House in Mumbai by Ms Sreesha on Thursday 24th of August after they visited our premises , wherein she confirmed our Guest House for housing you film crew for 3 Nights Checking in on Aug 30th Checking out on Sept 2nd for 28 participants.

    Our other rooms were pre-booked , so she asked if we could cancel them and allot them to Planman.

    Our Normal Price being 750/- Rs per head per day she asked us for a reduction since they would not be having meals here which I agreed at 600/- , she then said that she would send across the payment on Friday the 25th. http://www.nativeplace.com/tariff.html , and i e-mailed and faxed our invoice to her for 28 x 3 x 600 – 50400/-

    On Friday when I contacted her she said the accountant was not available and the dates were confirmed , cheque would be delivered on Saturday to our office in Bombay.

    I was at kamshet on Saturday and I get a call from a Mr.Dipankar saying that the accountant is not in and can he pay on the 30th at Kamshet,, we do not have banking there and I wanted the payment cleared before occupation.

    He then asks if we can reduce our prices (again) I tell him we have done so and no further reduction will be possible so he agrees to have the cheque for 50,400/- would be delivered on Monday morning.

    On Sunday your people visit our premises again and a Mr. Rohit informs our caretaker Mr.Pushkar that he will ensure the payment is made after he gets back to Mumbai.

    I called up Ms Sreesha on Monday morning and she sounded surprised that the cheque had not yet been delivered and assured me she would follow up.

    I call again this evening and she says that she will get back in 2 minutes, half an hour later I still have no news , so I message her again.

    I now get a call from Mr. Dipankar who says there is a water problem at kamshet, I assure him we have 25000 litres of water in underground tanks and will have no problems for the 28 people for 5 days as we have back up plans with water suppliers as well

    Now the disgusting part !!!

    He tells me at the n-th hour that our prices are too high and he will pay only 200/- per head ……

    I inform him that the price has been agreed upoun , he says he never agreed to It , someone else did !!! Does this mean every time we get a confirmation I should ask to speak to the CEO of the company and if he has seen the place and agrees to our terms !!!

    I tell him that after 4 days of assurances of the cheque being on its way it has come to this and I will not accept this , he tells me that they can go to lonavala and stay, I tell him that he is welcome to , he replys that oh but we don’t want to do that .

    Finally I tell him that’s not negotiable , he says he will get back…

    We had blocked the dates based on your “Professional Companies” reputation / name and turned away another corporate group who wanted to use our place for Team Building activites.

    We have lost revenue and work because of this.

    We intend to publish this to the Press and on every possible BLOG cautioning people on dealing with Planman , am sure they will enjoy reading my little !! adventure.

    It is indeed a shame to see a Professional Company such as yours dealing like a Baniya Outfit !!!

    Un-Planned Man is what I call it !!!

    We have dealt with many corporates in our past but never had such shabby treatment / behaviour.

    I regret this but am totally pissed off !!!

    Best Regards

    Sanjay & Astrid Rao

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