Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hum honge kamyab... ek din

This afternoon I was looking for a good movie to watch on television. Instead, I found myself watching the men and women marching towards 7 Race Course Road, carrying the Indian Flag.

Who are these people who will spend their Sunday braving lathis and teargas shells?

Why are they so determined, so daring, so dedicated to the cause of India Against Corruption?

What did they hope to achieve today?

I believe India Against Corruption is a revolution. In fact, it is a second war for independence and no such war was ever won in a day.

When Team Anna’s second anshan ran out of steam, the cynics muttered ‘I told you so’. In a way, watching them ‘fail’ is reassuring for the vast majority who have merely been onlookers.. It confirms that we did the right thing by not moving our butts.

Because ‘ultimately kuch nahin ho sakta hai.’

It’s true. Itni jaldi kuch nahin ho sakta hai. The vast, deeply entrenched and securely guarded edifice of corruption in our country cannot be brought down in a day. Or a month, or a year, or even ten years.

But that cannot stop those who believe it can and must be brought down.

So far the IAC had but the passion of its foot soldiers. And the cannonball of media. Going forward, it will need new weapons, and tactics.

How will this campaign of the people and by the people stretch its tiny funds to fuel its giant ambitions?

Nobody knows but faith will keep them going.

Faith that one day, you and me, and all the citizens of this great country will rise up and stand with them. Because, truth can and must prevail.

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