Monday, January 10, 2011

Taking the stairs

There are two ways to make your way up to the corner office with the brilliant view.

Those who get 'branded' by the right bschools usually get to take the elevator. The rest must scramble up the stairs. It might take longer and mean more effort, but they make it up there too.

But hardly anyone talks about *how* you go about it. I'm sure students graduating from lesser known bschools (or engineering colleges), could use a tip or two.

If you're a graduate from a tier 3 college and you think you've done well in life, share your story with me.

What were the skills, attitudes and principles which made you 'successful'? I'll send you Qs to make it easier to elaborate. Just drop me a line at rashmi_b at with a brief description of yourself!

P.S. Since many of you are asking here's how I classify colleges:
Tier 1: Nationally known colleges
Tier 2: State level colleges
Tier 3: Local colleges, little known even in their home state

As for 'doing well in life', it's completely subjective. I'm not looking for a specific designation or salary package. If you think you've done well for yourself, that's good enough for me :)

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