Saturday, January 20, 2007

Riding the wave

The Indian tourism department has shown remarkable alacrity in making hay of the Shilpa Shetty situation. They released an advertisement in the UK which reads:

dear Jane Goody,
Once your current commitments are over, may we invite you to experience the healing nature of India.

Well, now that Ms Goody has been voted off Big Brother, I guess she can take up the offer...

Associating with a current event or controversy is nothing new - people have always done it. It's just that little bit harder though, as the news cycle has shortened considerably. Nothing stays in the headlines more than 48 hours (not even Ash and Abhishek!)

On the other hand, if you can't ride the wave, I guess you just create one. If not a full force tsunami, even little wavelets will do. The latest such example is a new video titled Bhai Tune Pappi Kyun Li by Mika Singh, of Kissa Kiss ka fame. For those who haven't seen it, here's the clip, courtesy Youtube..

Quite amusing, I say!

I know this is really shallow but I thought it was rather funny. I'm not saying anyone deserves to be forcibly kissed... Yet there was something strange about that incident. You could not help feeling Rakhi too was partly to blame. And that's the feeling - right or wrong - that's been played up in the song.

Kis tarah bani ek normal birthday party ek aitihaasik birthday... starts the video. 'Bhai tune pappi kyun li' has the Meet Brothers cheekily asking Mika: Why the hell did you have to kiss her. "Saari duniya chhod ke tujhe wohi bas mili?"

Mooh par cake lagake.. gale lagaya mujhko.. meri hi party mein... kyun uksaaya mujhko? The song goes onto claim kabhi is gaal pe kabhi us gaal pe kar diya kiss... Kya buraai kar di maine... Why the FIR?

And here's the killer portion. A girl wearing a trademark Rakhi Sawant outfit appears on screen in tears...

Mike ne mujhe yahan kiss kiya. yahaan!... honthon pe.. main ek Bhartiya naari hoon.. main gaal par kiss lar sakti hoon.. honthon pe hargiz nahin.

I think poor untalented Mika could never have come up with something so wicked. It's the Meet Brothers handiwork. What's more the tune is actually... quite catchy!

And ah, what timing! Rakhi Sawant is currently stuck in the 'Bigg Boss' house and can do nothing but fume in there. But she has promised to respond with her own video... where she will garland a Mika look-alike with chappals :)

Frankly, a good controversy never hurt anybody. Not Mika, not Rakhi, not Ms Shilpa 'Mummy they are calling me names' Shetty. As K comments, "I wonder if Miss Shetty will end up in a Hollywood production thanks to this fiasco".

At the very least, in the interest of racial harmony, Shilpa might get invited to Buckingham Palace for tea and scones. There, she can enlighten them on the joys of shaking one's hips... And eating with one's fingers!


  1. Hey Ms bansal i am actually amused at This Barkha Dutt Sagarika Ghose type guyz these guyz are PH.D in intellectuallism they have intellect than say ISRO Scientist who with limited money put rockets into space they show so much intellect when they debate abt ayyapa swami but here they cant see the obvious which is that shilpa shetty is fringe bollywood actress who is trying to make comeback !! and these intellect journos debate abt it voowwww and they debate abt it on prime time journos and hey shilpa shetty does not represent INDIA ok!!!!! so slur on made up show on her does not mean all brits are racial !!!

  2. everyone is trying to cash the Shilpa shetty episode....:((

  3. Anonymous8:34 PM

    When I heard Mika talking about the said video in an interview, long before the video was actually aired, I was very amused. The video doesn't fail to entertain the viewer either.

    Though I strongly feel that what Mika did was very wrong, it has ended up as a good publicity stunt for both Mika and Rakhi. And as Mika says in the video she did - "Mooh par cake lagake.. gale lagaya mujhko.. meri hi party mein... kyun uksaaya mujhko? ... kabhi is gaal pe kabhi us gaal pe kar diya kiss... Kya buraai kar di maine... " - do all of that, so she really cant blame Mika.

    It would be interesting to see what Rakhi can come up with, as a comeback song.

    As for the Shilpa thing, I will only say two words: "No Comments" (Not that anyone would care for my comments anyways)

  4. Anonymous8:45 PM

    every news channel is trying to make their trps through the shilpa episode..they have got all sort of panel discussions on this episode..what was mst surprising barkha dutt having disscussion on this..and some other news channel got deepak tijori to comment on this..i mean who is mr tijori to comment on racial discrimination and when there was i suppose no racial discrimination at all..shilpa is being paid Rs 3 crore to listen all this...

  5. Anonymous8:58 PM

    mr blue panther..its only mika 2 be blamed..if somebody smudges cake on ur mouth,it doesnt means u have 2 kiss her.....and than u come up wid some stupid song instead of being emberassed.....

  6. Anonymous11:53 PM

    "i suppose no racial discrimination at all..shilpa is being paid Rs 3 crore to listen all this..."

    Can't agree More.

  7. Anonymous6:54 AM

    I will blog about the Shilpa Shetty episode later, so will not comment on it here.

    But here is the thing about the Rakhi/Mika episode. I have thought deep and hard about it and I think Mika's behavior was deplorable. If you believe in some of the ideas of the video, you should think date rape is justified.

    The attitude of Mika and his gang actually draws its tenet from the basest and most foul ideas of Hindu civilization, after the Brahminical Hinduism was taken over by the barbaric OBC/Dalit version of it. Things like honesty about gender relationships and chivalry have no place in it. This is what leads to so many urban gang rapes and so much eve teasing.

    The original Hindu philosophical attitudes towards sex and gender, while lacking, at least provided for some good behavior. There is nothing glorious about the current cultural context of India with its regards towards thse things. The current attitude draws as much from Islamic ideals of women (indivdualistic women and those form other religions are fair game) and the working class attidute from US/UK. Both minority appeasement and large scale immigration are to blame for this.

    Of course the socialists blame all these things to core Hinduism.

  8. Anonymous10:24 AM


    I like ur blog

  9. Anonymous12:52 PM

    So, Racism happens ONLY when Jade Goody calls Shilpa by names?
    But it's not Racism when Assamesse kill migrant Bihari workers, or when Shiv sena attacks non-Maharashtriyans for working in Maharashtra?
    [More thoughts here]
    Shame on Indian media for making such a big deal on Shilpa episode..

  10. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I think we should oppose any form of discrimination at any level.In this civilized society this kind of things should not happen.

  11. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Good point Ashish. We are more racist than the British, the post by barbarindian is an example. It was UK that is why the show lost the sponsor, had the same happened in India the show would have got a few radical political parties as sponsors.

  12. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Is there email subscription for this blog,
    somthing like Rmail will help readers........

  13. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Racism is a truth... most people who visit UK have experienced it first hand. Even I did. But the post is prophetic since it seems Ms. Goody has applied for a tourist visa to India. I wonder what Mr. Thackeray's men plan to do about it. Expect some action... Maybe another music video :)

  14. Anonymous4:51 PM

    india today did a "indepth" covering of the issue, ask me and ill tell you it was blown out of proportion. Shilpa has issues with getting along with people, her "outcasted" ness has caused the public shit talk of goody n other bitches of the house..

    losers .. all four of them

  15. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Well, not a Hollywood movie so far, but I believe that she got a book deal. Do you think she will want a ghostwriter? I could apply, y'know. I'm sure I write better than her.
    And the nose I tell you.

  16. Racism? I can well understand that. People from the north-eastern part of the country have been facing the same problem and are being treated as if they are foreigners or are from Nepal. Chapters of "democracy," "secularism," "unity and diversity," and "tolerance" need to be redefined. And it's about time now to put a complete "full stop" here at home, first. Only then, let's start talking about Europe.

    Please read this, it happened in 2004. It's a real experience.

  17. I heard Jades comments and was suitably discusted, but I believe it is deeper than racism. In fact I reckon anyone who dared cross the almight Jade, would have had huge abuse thrown at them, no matter what their back ground was. She would find whatever words were in her head to prove how good and how hard she was. The truth is most people cannot understand why she ever became famous anyway, which is another reason for no support. The debates that came from this will hopefully bring to the front what many have to suffer every day not just in a celebrity house. I think Jade will go on though, everyone will want to pay for her story.
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